My Rules for Hating Trump

In light of yesterday’s shooting, I guess we need to clarify the proper way to to resist our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad president and the party that is propping him up.  Especially, since I am a Bernie supporter, and I think Trump is the biggest embarrassment ever to hold the office of president. There are just two rules, and they aren’t hard to follow.

  1. Hate Trump and those complicit in advancing his agenda and covering up his corruption.
  2. Do NOT shoot Trump and those complicit in advancing his agenda and covering up his corruption.

That’s it. Don’t fuck this up for us. Follow these rules and the staggering weight of Trump’s natural inclination to violate the law will be his downfall and move the constitutional process forward to remove him from office, and severely damage the political careers of those who stood by him. Violence against him and those that support him only elevates them and makes it easier for them to ram their agenda through the political process.  It does not help anyone but those public servants we are trying to return to the private sector.

We are all Americans. We disagree. We scream at each other. Tempers flare. It has always been that way. But we must NOT resort to violence. Dissent only works if we hold moral authority over the corruption we are trying to end.



A Russian Story Trump Advocates Will Like

This Russian story has been deemed safe to read by Trump advocates. Finally, it’s the truth they’ve been waiting to hear. But before you read on, here are a few definitions you should keep in mind:

Trump Advocates: Individuals who vigorously defend Trump no matter the circumstances or evidence.

Trump Supporters: Individuals who voted for Trump, but are no longer invested in his actions as presidents, good or bad. They just want to move on and live their lives as far from politics as possible. 

Federal prosecutors cut Russian mafia money-laundering case short. Cites safety of witnesses as reason. So, here’s why reasonable people should be suspicious of this move:

  1. Russian mafia used New York real estate deals to launder money. HILLARY CLINTON claims to be the number one real estate developer in New York. You probably weren’t even aware that there are even a couple of buildings with the CLINTON name on them.


  1. The Russian mafia conducted business out of one of those buildings, the CLINTON Tower.


  1. Federal Prosecutors take orders from a squeaky voiced little guy from Alabama who OBAMA frequently praised as a masterful litigator and close friend. This little guy ordered his prosecutors to apply the most serious offense they can to any case they are working on, but yet, here the prosecutors did the opposite. They settled the case despite overwhelming evidence. This was done with OBAMA’s friend’s blessing, even though it contradicts his earlier ruling.


  1. Protecting witnesses is one of the things our government does. They even have an unambiguous name for it, the Witness Protection Program.


  1. The head of the FBI under OBAMA was fired in the middle of the investigation into Russia’s attempt to interfere with the US presidential election. The investigation included probes into the Russian mafia’s part in the attack. What we know about Putin is that he’s not shy about openly doing business with known crime bosses turned oligarchs in his country.


  1. CHELSEA CLINTON stated that their family foundation was disproportionately funded by Russian investors.


  1. CHELSEA’s husband, MARC MEZVINKSY once told a golf reporter in a casual conversation that his wife’s family foundation bypassed US banks for loans and used loans from Russian banks to fund the purchase of golf resorts around the world.


  1. BILL CLINTON has declared bankruptcy six times making acquiring loans from US banks nearly impossible. Russian banks, the Russian mafia, and Russian investors aren’t as discerning as US banks. CLINTON recently has denied doing anything but limited business with the Russians over the years, even though he had previously sounded very proud of his vast business ties to Russia.


  1. HILLARY CLINTON was pictured with two men with ties to the Russian mafia at a party in 2007.


  1. This all adds up to obstruction of justice by the very people we’ve entrusted with vigorously applying justice.


CORRECTIONS for people just interested in the boring, plain ol’ truth:


  1. With apologies, it was DONALD J. TRUMP who claimed to be the most successful real estate developer in New York not HILLARY.


  1. The Russian mafia conducted business in TRUMP Tower not CLINTON Tower.


  1. The squeaky voiced guy from Alabama is JEFF SESSIONS and OBAMA didn’t like him nor did he praise him. TRUMP, however, loves JEFF SESSIONS.


  1. No correction necessary.


  1. While the head of the FBI did serve under OBAMA, he was fired by TRUMP in the middle of an investigation into the Trump campaign’s and administration’s relationship with Russian officials, banks, and criminals.


  1. CHELSEA CLINTON did not state that their family foundation was disproportionately funded by Russian investors. DONALD TRUMP JR. said that about the TRUMP family business.


  1. CHELSEA’s husband, MARC MEZVINKSY did not once tell a golf reporter in a casual conversation that his wife’s family foundation bypassed US banks for loans and used loans from Russian banks to fund the purchase of golf resorts around the world. ERIC TRUMP said that very thing to a golf reporter about the TRUMP family business.


  1. BILL CLINTON has not declared bankruptcy six times (or even once) making acquiring loans from US banks nearly impossible. And CLINTON did not recently deny doing anything but limited business with the Russians over the years, even though he had previously sounded very proud of his vast business ties to Russia. That was TRUMP on both counts.


  1. HILLARY CLINTON was not pictured with two men with ties to the Russian mafia at a party in 2007. That was TRUMP and those two men were TEVFIK ARIF and FELIX SATER.


What the decision to fire Comey wasn’t


Trump is in a panic.

It will take weeks, months, maybe even years to unravel the tangled mess President Trump has created by firing FBI Director James Comey. Comey did make mistakes in the Clinton email investigation. No one is denying that. However, it is important to note that he had been praised by both Trump and Sessions for at least some of the mistakes he made. It is a reasonable assumption, given this administrations propensity to use alternative facts and steer clear of the truth, that Comey was fired because of his investigation into the possible collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Let’s not forget that Comey is close personal friends with one of Trump’s closest allies, Rudy Giuliani. The fact that Giuliani has kept his distance from the Trump administration since the election may hint at just where Comey was headed in his investigation of the Russian’s interference in the presidential election. Giuliani was one of Trump’s most vocal advocates during the campaign. Since then, he has fallen silent. It is rational to suspect that his sources inside the FBI have advised him to stay away. For the record, that is pure speculation, and shouldn’t be repeated as fact. But I include it here to illustrate a point. Trump’s instability leaves the door open to even the most outrageous of rumors to be true. Regardless of what you think of Session’s push to fire Comey, the fact that Trump took his Attorney General’s advice has caused a significant lack of faith in the White House’s ability to lead this country. This has ramifications that could hurt the United States internationally and may wreak at least temporary havoc on the markets.

Despite White House claims, the one thing this decision was not was decisive. How could it have been? The reason, they say, they fired Comey is because of his mishandling of the Clinton email investigation. That ended in 2016. Since then, Trump announced Comey would stay on and finish his term as director of the FBI.  Taking six months to come to a decision to fire someone is in no way decisive, especially considering Trump expressed confidence in Comey shortly after taking office. This has all the earmarks of panicked decision. Given the timing of the dismissal, it appears to have everything to do Comey’s Russian probe and nothing to do with the Clinton emails.

Trump’s public behavior suggests that he is suffering from severe paranoia, and he’s making decisions out of a sense of self-preservation. We know from history that this leads to dangerous recklessness. At the very least, Trump is putting our democracy is at risk. If the worst should happen, a cover up of unprecedented proportions may lead to horrendous consequences that endangers us all. What do I mean? Ask yourself, how would you distract a nation from acts of treason?

Still, we shouldn’t officially find Trump guilty of violating the Constitution and selling out our country without evidence. As an American, he is entitled to his day in court. But, he must stop fighting the probe and start cooperating. It is time for the GOP leadership to step up and work with the Democrats to assign a special prosecutor to take over the Russian probe. Trump is now political poison and the party of Lincoln stands by him at their own peril.

One Bear Lake – The Finale

oblcastLast night was the final performance of One Bear Lake at 5th Wall Productions theater. While I could not be there, I found out through Facebook that it was a sold out performance. I am thrilled for the cast and company. They worked incredibly hard on putting the production together and staging seven performances of the play. I was fortunate enough to be there for two of them. 5th Wall helped me develop the piece from a ten-minute script to a full-length play so I couldn’t be happier that it had its world premiere with the folks that helped me hone and craft the story.

To be frank, 2017 has gotten off to a horrible start for me and those closest to me, so I was happy to have this as a distraction for the past three weeks.  I’m going to miss the updates from the cast and director. I thank them all for giving me the taste of being a produced playwright. I WANT MORE!!!  I have a feeling you spoiled me by giving me such a painless introduction to this world.

To cast and company, take a bow. I can’t adequately express my appreciation for what you did with the pages I gave you. KUDOS FROM THE PLAYWRIGHT!

One Bear Lake Premieres in Six Days

oblpicMy first premiere happens in six days. My play, One Bear Lake, opens in Charleston at 5th Wall Productions on January 20 and runs every weekend until the last performance on February 4. I’ll be in town for the opening weekend, and I hope to see you there. One Bear Lake is about sibling rivalry taken to the nth degree. Three siblings gather with their spouses for a week long retreat and soon discover that growing up in the same family doesn’t mean they had the same childhoods.  Jealousy, anger, love, and humor are the ties that bind.

And, while I call it “my” play, that is no longer true. It now belongs to the extremely talented cast and crew of 5th Wall Productions, and they are as follows:

Emma Scott – Lily

Jason Olsen – Paul

Freddy – Jamie Young

Rachel – Margaret Nyland

Tom – Greg Tompkins

Gayle – Sarah Daniel

Director – Blair Cadden

Come one. Come all. Buy your tickets early. 5th Wall Productions’ One Bear Lake


One Bear Lake – How to Beat the Inauguration Blues

one-bear-lake-poster-edit2-1Let’s face it, January 20 is not a date most people are looking forward to. I don’t care if you support or hate the man who will be the 45th POTUS. The country is going to be shrouded in a blanket of anxiety thanks to an enormous political and social divide.Things are going to be tense for a long, long time to come.

What you need to do is learn how to laugh in the face of the dark days ahead, and what better way to do that than to watch a two-act comedy about carrot cake and cancer. My play, One Bear Lake, happens to open on… January 20 at 5th Wall Productions in West Ashley (Charleston, SC). I’m flying in for opening night and Saturday night’s performances.  The cast is stellar. The director is superb. The writing is… Well, it would be in poor taste to tell you how fantastic the writing is since I wrote the play.

Bottom line? Come. Laugh. Enjoy.

An Open Letter to my President-Elect



Lead or get out of the way

Dear President-Elect Trump:


You are going to be criticized harshly for the next four years. You’ve created a dynamic that calls for you to be questioned for every statement and policy move you make. Your speeches are filled with inflammatory remarks. Your tweets are overtly combative and filled with personal attacks against your critics. As it is now, your behavior is deservedly condemned by public officials and private individuals. You can bully your way into being feared, but you can’t bully your way into being respected.

If you want to be respected, you can start by shutting your attack dogs down. Whenever you are criticized, your rabid followers react irrationally. They issue death threats, following your example of fear and intimidation to shut down dissent. These people, your avid supporters, are cowards. You aren’t leading them. You’re feeding hate to crazed idiots who can’t think for themselves.  I’m calling on you to step up and take control of this fringe element. Be a leader.  Stop fueling their contempt and paranoia and be presidential. It will take more than you looking into a camera and dispassionately saying, “Stop it.” You need to call a press conference or devote a series of tweets to the cowardice of responding to dissent with the promise of bodily harm and/or death. If you can’t lead your own followers, I have little faith that you can lead this country.


An Amerian Embarrassed by the Example My President-Elect Sets