Robots Writing Books

I found this article in the New York Times to be extremely scary. Author Philip M. Parker has written 200,000 books! Impossible you say. That’s what I thought. He uses a computer program that grabs information off the internet and puts it into textbook form. Sounds innocent enough, but I’m weary of Mr. Parker’s fact checking abilities. How can you ensure the accuracy of 200,000 textbooks? What’s more, he’s working on a computer program that will write Romance novels using the same technology. I’m no fan of Romance novels, but still, I would think it takes a large dose of humanity to write romance. Do we really want the next Lady Chatterley’s Lover to be written by a PC or MAC?

You can read the article here: He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work)

2 thoughts on “Robots Writing Books

  1. Sounds like Roald Dahl’s Automatic Grammatiser – sure to come to a sticky end, somehow! Interestingly enough, all none of the references to money or profit in the article are very specific . . .

  2. Yeah – I’d like to know the money, too. If he’s selling just one book per title, and on the low end he makes $3 in royalties – That’s not too bad. Of course, he claims to be selling dozens of books on some titles.

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