Video of Randy Pausch’s Congressional Testimony

Well, the stats show you love stories and news on Professor Randy Pausch, and at least one of the visitors to this blog believes Pausch is lying about having terminal pancreatic cancer. That really blows me away. I know the world was duped by James Frey and there’s a certain sect of our society that has taken the stance that since he so successfully lied, everyone with a tragic story must be lying, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Unfortunately, Professor Pausch is dying. To believe otherwise is to believe in a conspiracy so ridiculously complicated, it makes the Kennedy assissination look like it was drawn up on a cocktail napkin and executed by three blind monkeys with severe learning disabilities.

This is Pausch’s testimony to Congress. If this man’s lying, he’s the greatest actor on the planet.

3 thoughts on “Video of Randy Pausch’s Congressional Testimony

  1. Wow! Once again we agree on something; you are absolutely correct to call Randy Pausch the greatest actor on the planet. In fact, the one area where I will always defend Randy is that I believe a serious injustice has been done to him by them awarding the Oscar to Daniel Day-Lewis. If Daniel ever gives a performance even remotely close to Randy’s performance as the lead actor in “The Last Lecture” then Daniel needs to go ahead and immediately retire after that performance because that would be as good as it could ever get.

    You disappoint me R.W. by suggesting that the only way Randy could pull off such a huge lie is by successfully leading a large-scale conspiracy. You either are deliberately making such a ridiculous statement solely to defend Randy or you know very little about the medical profession. If you are intentionally defending Randy even though you know I am right then I can not help you. However, if your statement reflects the fact that you know very little about the precepts attached to health care then you are in luck; I just happen to know a thing or 1000 about the subject. R.W. not only would a conspiracy not need to exist for Randy to successfully lie about his condition, all that would be needed would be for his doctors to conduct themselves as medical professionals. If his doctors do that one thing, which they are obligated by law to do, then you would NEVER know anything about Randy’s condidtion except what he specifically wants you to know.

    A blog owner of a separate blog says that Randy does not owe the public any explanation or proof of his diagnosis; I beg to differ. If Hyperion had merely made a gift of that $7M to Randy then her statement would have been true. However, the advance that Randy was given was an investment, not a gift. The people who will ultimately pay for the book are not the officers at Hyperion or Disney; the people who will pay for the book are public consumers. That means that Randy does have a duty of veracity to the buying public.

    Randy is not dying; he has never been dying. He is a liar that has done this for money; money for him and money for Disney. As I said in your other blog please feel free to continue to tell me how wrong I am. Even as years go by, please keep telling me how wrong I am. FYI – I am currently 100% correct in all of my predictions about Randy. Its interesting that so far Randy is 0% in his predictions but Randy’s supporters keep telling me I am wrong and he is right. Again, I find that very amusing.

    I don’t give this out often R.W. but for you I’m going to make an exception; I give you my 100% guarantee that Randy Pausch will not be dead 5 years from today. I am that certain that this is nothing more than James Frey by proxy. This is fraud for profit; nothing more. If Randy Pausch’s fans like him as much as they say they do then they should all hope that I am right about him not dying. Ironically they get mad because I say that their lying “hero” is not dying; apparently, they would rather hear his lies about “I’ll be gone in a few months”; it’s borderline psychotic.

    Randy Pausch and Disney have clearly shown that ANYTHING is fair ground as long as it generates a profit. I wonder what Walt Disney would think if he were still alive and knew what the current Disney leadership has done to his company. It is truly disgraceful.

  2. He saw the chance and he took it, a simple human nature, probably shows the worst side of human nature. If he do have cancer, than he passed all the test except for the need for fame and glory before he die, in which now he will die for sure. If he don’t, truly he is the greatest lair in the world. In addition, plenty of people suffer from various kinds of illness, only a few fought the disease without ever telling anyone. I been personally observing someone who fought and conquer the illness who never told anyone, what doese that make him comapre to the fame grabing Randy, a way better person? For those who actually shed a tear for him, you are sheding your tear for either a liar or a fame grabing man on his last breath, you are all going to die someday, just in different rates. And tell you the truth, miracles and eternal life do happen from time to time, but they only happen in silence. And he is selling books now… classic human nature both good and bad. You should pity him, but you should pity those who actually cried for him even more. He is looking for attention, and he got it, perhaps we are already living in hell.

  3. I would like to post an apology to this blog.
    When I heard on the news yesterday that Professor Pausch died I was not just shocked; I was floored. Before hearing that he had passed away my brain simply could not believe that he was actually dying. So many people told me that he was dying and that his story was true but I just could not believe it. Most of my life cancer has been in my family. None of my family members with a terminal diagnosis looked like Professor Pausch did when he gave his last lecture. Because of the way he looked, and the book deal that followed his speech, I felt certain that his story was another example of someone exploiting something for money. Because of the pain that cancer has caused in my family it disturbed me to think that his story was not real and that he got a book deal out of it. And if any other blogger disagreed with my comments, I would say that they were stupid for not being able to see what I thought I could see. I now realize that I am the most cynical, bitter, and stupid person that I know. Professor Randy Pausch was a far better man and a better human being than I will ever be.
    I deserve any of things that people may now decide to post about me. I will not object to any of it because I assure you that right now I’m saying a lot of those same things to myself. In my stupid mind I was 100% certain that Professor Pausch would not die for many years. That shows how stupid I am. I am a very stupid person. The news of his death yesterday has me literally feeling physically ill. Before his death I felt so certain that I was right about the things I previously wrote but I now know that everything I have written about Professor Pausch was wrong and I am sorry for writing those things.

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