Professor Randy Pausch’s Cancer Spreads

According to the WordPress stats a lot of you are still interested in Randy Pausch’s battle with cancer.  I somehow have become somewhat of a clearing house of Pausch information so I feel obligated to track his progress and treatment.  It’s not too much of a bother really because I was inspired by his courage as I’m sure many of you were. 

The latest news is not good.  He is reporting on his website the cancer has spread, and that he is currently recovering from kidney and heart failure. 

You can read his latest update here in his own words: May 2nd, 2008: Cancer spreads

26 thoughts on “Professor Randy Pausch’s Cancer Spreads

  1. There was a time when I believed that Randy was lying. When he kept repeating over and over in his speech “I’m dying”, and “I only have months to live” it immediately struck me as a sales pitch and a plea for attention/sympathy. When Randy’s actions and appearance from Oct-Dec 2007 did not match those of others who are on gemcitabine and tarceva that became another red flag that made me believe he was lying. And all of those Sara Gold postings simply increased my belief that his story was fraud. However, I do not believe that Randy was lying anymore. From the moment he carelessly reversed his health update I HAVE KNOWN that he is lying. Randy is NOT dying and he will not be dead 5 years from now.

  2. And he’s putting his family, friends and colleagues through this because ……?????

  3. His family has benefited $7M from Randy’s lies. Is any further explanation really needed?

    I will give Randy some credit. Before Randy’s story began last year I honestly thought that most Americans were intelligent and independent thinkers. Randy, on the other hand, knew that the average American is far less intelligent than I was giving them credit for. There are some basic clues that Randy has offered to the few remaining properly functioning, and objective minds in America that exposes this for the fraud that it is. When Randy said last year that he was moving to Virginia to spend his limited remaining time with his family that statement should have caused everyone to question his veracity because THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT HE ACTUALLY DID. When you take even a rough estimate of the time it must have taken for him to spend time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, film his part in Star Trek, go scuba diving off the Caymans with his buddies, go on a kidless vacation to see Sting, give his Time Management lecture at UVA, and then spend so much time with any reporter willing to listen to his story (Oprah, ABC, etc, etc), then you see what this was really about – fame and fortune for him. To spend so much time away from his family do you REALLY think that he believed he would be dead in a few months when he kept repeating “I will be gone in a few months, blah, blah, blah ad nauseum”? What person that truly believes they are dying in “a few months” would care about going on a “kidless” vacation to see Sting if they really believe they are about to leave their children for eternity. The answer is that Randy KNEW he was not going to be dead in a few months when he kept repeating those words; he intentionally lied.
    Randy is NOT dying; I do not believe that he was EVER diagnosed with ductal adenocarcinoma. I believe the worst he may have been diagnosed with is non-malignant cystic or endocrine neoplasm which he has purposefully chosen to call “terminal pancreatic cancer”. Regardless of what he posts on his website he is NOT dying; he will not be dead in 5 years and I really believe that he will live much longer than that.

  4. I am apalled at Selby’s comments. Hopefully Randy and his family have not read them. A person with pancreatic cancer (or any other cancer) can LOOK very healthy until just before death. My mother looked to be the picture of health and was dead in 20 days with pancreatic cancer. Please do not judge a person or project your own lack of honesty onto them!

  5. To de Selby, You are the one who is terminally ill…mentally…to believe and spred such sick lies. Just because Randy is BRAVELY facing his mortality with Grace, you think it just can’t be true that he is dying. I feel sorry for you and your narrow mind. You are right tho’…Randy will live on…in the hearts and minds of all those he has impressed and touched with his outlook on life…and death. He didn’t have to take away precious time from his family to share them with mankind, but thank God he did!

  6. I think Randy himself would face de Selby’s cynicism with good humor and understanding.

    I wouldn’t get to caught up in the critics. That only gives them power.

  7. i’m beyond disgusted with your comments de Selby.
    keep ridiculous comments to yourself

  8. Selby sounds like a spiteful old girlfriend. Randy said he would build safety
    nets for his family and he has. With 3 small children, his wife will now have
    financial security..what a huge relief for Randy. I think what he has done is
    awesome. How many people can say they have made a difference in the world.
    The brightest light burns the quickest.

  9. One element seems to be missing from his lectures. Where is Jesus in all of this? I pray that Randy does know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. If he already has expressed this and I’ve missed it, forgive me. If not, I pray that he will find Him soon.

  10. I believe that Profressor Pausch has elected to keep his religious beliefs private. It is a matter for him and his family to share in private. He’s more concerned about his kids, and their ability to cope with his passing, not to mention the years he won’t have a chance to spend with them.

    From what I’ve learned of the professor by following this story, he is more interested in making his message universal, for members of all faiths – believers, nonbelievers, sinners, saints, Democrats, Republicans, and evil gophers.

  11. Does anyone know if his commencement speech is available on a website….I’d like to
    make a copy. I caught some of it..and again it was inspiring. I’d like to keep a copy
    for times I wander from the path.

  12. Work has had me out of pocket for awhile but here is what I have been able to gather from what many of you have said: Apparently, the short bus to Trailer Park High School was in some sort of accident and most of you managed to escape from it. I’m not upset with any of you though for your mindless postings. In fact, I’m proud of you; getting out of the straight jackets must have been very difficult for such stupid people….excuse me… that’s not politically correct. People such as you prefer to be called “special”.

    You are appalled at my comments? Sweetheart, I’m appalled that you can’t spell appalled. I mean with all sincerity that I think you are a very “special” person.

    Dana and Diane,
    I’m begging both of you to find and return to the bus as soon as possible. Dana, It is easy for someone to face “their mortality bravely”, as you put it, when they were never really dying to begin with. Both of you are a very, very, VERY, “special” people.

    There may be hope for you. When I first read the dribble that you posted above I went back and forth trying to decide if it was a haiku or an epigram. If it was intended to be a haiku then I’m afraid you are almost as “special” as Dana and Diane and that is pretty “special”. But then I thought that it may be an epigram and re-read it. Honestly, I thought we were going to have to call 911; I needed them to bring me oxygen because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. “I’m beyond disgusted…” its priceless.

    Dear “special” people,
    Randy Pausch is NOT dying. He profited almost immediately $7M from his lies but your brains register nothing over that fact. He says the story grew “virally” and wants everyone to believe that Disney played no part in the development of his story. I have great news for all of you: You can listen to Randy’s lies for a long time because he will still be here more than 5 years from today; I’m certain of it.

  13. Selby,
    You appear to be a very lonely person. How sad your rantings are.

  14. Diane,
    The more you write the more you expose the fact that a complete exploration of the depths of your mind would be analogous to wading in a tub. I have a family that I cherish Diane. The main reason for my objections to what Randy is doing is because cancer has always been present in my family; it is what kills us more than anything else. I love the “holier than thou” people such as yourself. People like you always have the answers to everything but in reality know very little about anything. I am offended by the fact that someone would choose to profit from lies about dying from ductal adenocarcinoma. I am confident that Randy was never diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and that he has taken great liberty with the things his doctor may have told him. Diane, you have clearly shown that it does not bother you that someone would lie about dying from cancer and then profit from those lies. That tells me that cancer has not affected your family. If you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself on my side of the fence regarding cancer then I would bet that it would offer some lucidity to this story for you.
    To me, Randy is the personification of what is most wrong with this nation. He is a living example of how low people will now stoop for money. The Randy Pausch story is proof that we will now do anything for money including lying about being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Diane, as difficult as I’m sure it is for you to comprehend, Randy is NOT dying; he never was dying and his story is disgraceful. You just aren’t capable of seeing what he has actually done.

  15. To All (including de Selby)

    It has just been posted that Randy is now in hospice. He is unable to post himself and has had a friend do it for him. He has done this because he knows that others are concerned. Pray for his family and comfort for him. Ignore de Selby’s rantings, but pray for him too. He is obviously a sick person that has a very small view of what life is about. Just the fact that he has to resort to critiquing someone’s grammar when they are speaking about someone who is terminally ill speaks volumes. Don’t put your energy there.

    Sadly, Randy is dying. He has left an amazing legacy that, although intended for his children, has benefited many.

    i for one plan to keep Randy and his family in my thoughts and prayers. That is the best place for your heart right now. The deSelbys of the world, well, there’s a special place for them too.

  16. To all

    One more thing… is where you can find his testimony before Congress I believe. At the very top is where you can click and read the latest posting.

  17. Commencement Speech

    Found this on YouTube. hope it helps:

  18. All

    Randy Pausch passed away this morning. My prayers are with his family.

  19. Randy is not a fake. He died this morning. He knew this world too well when he said that if he wouldn’t been dying, nobody would have listened to what he said. Similarly, if he could have lived a bit longer (more than 5 years as de Selby suspected) then “the world” would have jumped in joy by pointing out his “fraud.”

    de Selby could have been right 90% for I agree with him that there are so many frauds, false profits [intended misspelling],… in our less-than-perfect world. Truly, the ability, the knowledge, the intuition to distinguish between the authentic and the fraud belongs to a different realm….it’s the true wisdom. And it’s so rare,…
    Lucky for many us, due to our trusting nature, our “naivete,” we’ve listened to the message, to the dying messenger in this case, and we ‘ve become uplifted, more joyous, more loving, more life-affirming,… Probably that is the reason why Jesus said if you do not become like children, you could not enter the Kingdom of God….

  20. I would like to post an apology to this blog.
    When I heard on the news yesterday that Professor Pausch died I was not just shocked; I was floored. Before hearing that he had passed away my brain simply could not believe that he was actually dying. So many people told me that he was dying and that his story was true but I just could not believe it. Most of my life cancer has been in my family. None of my family members with a terminal diagnosis looked like Professor Pausch did when he gave his last lecture. Because of the way he looked, and the book deal that followed his speech, I felt certain that his story was another example of someone exploiting something for money. Because of the pain that cancer has caused in my family it disturbed me to think that his story was not real and that he got a book deal out of it. And if any other blogger disagreed with my comments, I would say that they were stupid for not being able to see what I thought I could see. I now realize that I am the most cynical, bitter, and stupid person that I know. Professor Randy Pausch was a far better man and a better human being than I will ever be.
    I deserve any of things that people may now decide to post about me. I will not object to any of it because I assure you that right now I’m saying a lot of those same things to myself. In my stupid mind I was 100% certain that Professor Pausch would not die for many years. That shows how stupid I am. I am a very stupid person. The news of his death yesterday has me literally feeling physically ill. Before his death I felt so certain that I was right about the things I previously wrote but I now know that everything I have written about Professor Pausch was wrong and I am sorry for writing those things.

  21. Apology accepted. Live and learn.

  22. de Selby

    The fact that you were mindful enough to realize your error says a lot. I have lost people that I love to cancer and was personally offended by your accusations. You need to know that. We all are all accountable for our actions. The next steps are yours. I always try to see the lesson is a difficult situation. Try to be honest with yourself and really see why you chose to take such a path. Judging someone’s grammar and making derogatory comments to belittle someone are glaring signs that there is work to do. Good for you that you are acknowledging it. I really have been praying for you. Believe it what you like, but the God I believe in doesn’t want to watch us suffer as you are. Maybe this was his lesson to you. Children do see the world in the most beautiful way. There are wonderful people in the world that just want others to learn from the mistakes they have made so as to limit our regrets. He seemed to be such a person. May God bless you.

  23. I was deeply saddened on hearing of Randy’s passing. My husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer on December 5th, 2007. My husband has been in an out of the hospital about 7 or 8 times since then. Has undergone many surgeries, radiation along with chemo therapy. Was in excellent health at 168 lbs before his diagnosis and now weighs about 118 lbs. (Still undergoing chemo as his cancer has spread to his lymph nodes. ) The doctors are very optimistic he will beat the cancer. On one of my husband’s hospital stays, (do not remember exact date) , Randy was to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer. That evening, my sister-in-law, Gracie, called us to watch the 20/20 segment while my husband was still hospitalized. . We did so. My husband had also been suffering from high anxiety and depression along with his cancer. After watching Randy’s inspirational interview, his positive and beautiful outlook on life brought us to tears and made us realize that we were not alone in our suffering . Randy taught us to live our life to the fullest. To love our families and one another as if it was our last day on earth. Even though he did not discuss God in any of his interviews, I saw the Light of Jesus on his face. Randy brought us blessings and inspired us to love one another. I believe that God is love, therefore, Randy is reigning with our heavenly Father and both are smiling down on his family. Yes, watching his lovely wife and beautiful children and loving them from above as God intended. We will truly miss you Randy, as you accomplished much in your short life. You taught us to do the same. Love to Randy’s family. May God’s Peace be with you always and His loving arms surround you until you see Randy again.

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