Blurb Hot For Words

Hot For Words’ own Marina Orlova actually covered something I’ve always been curious about. Where does the word ‘blurb’ come from? I’ve written some for fellow authors and the word has always intrigued me. If you’re not familiar with Marina, you’re in for a treat… or be prepared to be offended. Depending what side or the puritan scale you’re on. This video is tame compared to some of the others I’ve seen, but normally she likes to spice her lessons up with a little innocent PG-13 sensuality.

The bonus with this video is she’s writing a book on word origins, and she’s asking for blurbs from her public. Have fun. Be her public. Blurb her.

5 thoughts on “Blurb Hot For Words

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  2. Thanks R.W. Ridley 🙂 I appreciate the blurb 🙂

    I am trying to introduce etymology to the masses and sometimes you have to be a little controversial to get their attention 🙂 But I think in the end, they end up learning something.


  3. Well, I was skeptical at first, but hopefully once you get them hooked on words, they’ll become readers. Maybe you could throw in a book review every once in awhile. A hotforwords book club. Could be bigger than Oprah.

  4. I like her too.. but she keeps her sister hidden in the videos and I hear that her sister is even hotter than her!! Anybody know how I can see pics of her sister?

  5. But is she smarter? When given the choice between brains and beauty, always go for the brains. Beauty fades.

    It helps when a person has both.

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