A Few Honest Words

As we head into the homestretch of the presidential election, this Ben Sollee song perfectly captures what I expect, and rarely get from our politicians.  Just A Few Honest Words.  If only. 




NOTICE:  This is not the mccain/palin website.  This is merely a blog entry announcing the Palin pick.  Leaving Sarah Palin messages here will do no good. 

Speculation is swirling this morning because the domain name www.mccainpalin.com is a live site. Could McCain have chosen the first female governor of Alaska as his running mate? This whole VP thing has been the only watchable drama on the GOP side of the race.

UPDATE*** It’s Official. Meet the GOP VP Nominee

The Takers Made the Top 10!

We're Number 1... 10!

The Kindle version of The Takers made the top 10 yesterday! Don’t ask any probing questions. Don’t do it. Don’t do it…. Damn! You had to go there. Okay, it was the top 10 of a subcategory of a subcategory of a subcategory, etc. Here’s how it breaks down: Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Children’s Chapter Books > Literature > Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery & Horror > Spine-Chilling Horror. Who knows one more subcategory, and I may have been number one. Especially if that subcategory was Books Written by R.W. Ridley.

BTW – In case you’re wondering, the highest ranking the print version of The Takers ever achieved was 1500. Not bad when you consider Amazon has about 7 million books.

Buy Bigfoot’s Head

Head in a Box

Head in a Box

Let the bidding begin.  An ebayer knows a good hoax when he sees one.  Seems someone from California is doing his best to capitalize on the dynamic Georgia duos hoax-tacular ways.  He’s made a duplicate head of the fake dead Georgia Bigfoot and put it up for auction on ebay.  It comes with its own custom cooler case and everything.  The last I looked the bid was up to $600.  Wait a minute he’s from California?  Tom Biscardi is from California, and he’s out $50,000… nah, couldn’t be


Click here to see the head for yourself: Dead Bigfoot ACTUAL HEAD!!!!