Woman Sells Her House to Clone Her Pit Bull… Meanwhile, Millions of Dogs Are Euthanized in Shelters!

I love my dog. I really do, but I would not sell my house to have her cloned after she dies. A US woman has done just that. She sold her house, flew to South Korea, and paid the biotech firm RNL Bio $50,000 to clone the dead dog. They apparently took skin samples from the dog two years prior to its death. She walked away from the cloning clinic with five cloned puppies.

The $50,000 Pooch

The $50,000 Pooch

Excuse me, but this is nuts! By some estimates, there are 4-6 million dogs that are euthanized in this country every year. Most are perfectly adoptable dogs that just need a good home. This woman could have saved her house and a dog if she would have just driven to the local shelter and picked out a loveable mutt.


7 thoughts on “Woman Sells Her House to Clone Her Pit Bull… Meanwhile, Millions of Dogs Are Euthanized in Shelters!

  1. i completely agree with you. i am so sick of people buying puppy mill dogs and now cloning them. we no longer have to learn about grief and letting go and having new adventures. nope, let us just clone our old dog. she could have given some money to an animal shelter and adopted 5 new dogs at once. i always adopt needy dogs. there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you saved an innocent animal. when i look into my dogs eyes i can see his appreciation. i’ll step off my soap box now. basically, i agree. some people just don’t use their brains.

  2. I agree; the whole thing is kind of icky. What’s she going to do if the clones starting have unforeseen complications and die? I don’t know about dogs, but third generation photocopies never come out very good…

  3. Love makes you do stupid things.

  4. You’re entitled to your opinion but you don’t have to be complete asshats about it! For years now my aunt has been planning for that for her late baby and I have been planning to do the same for my baby boy. My Scottish Terrier mixed baby is literally my son. I rescued him myself from a terribly abusive family as a puppy after the shelter refused to do anything about his situation. I nurtured him through his mental and social post traumatic stress issues and I’ve raised as my canine son since the first day I brought him home. While I can never really replace him I don’t think that I could every really live happily without him. The fact that his lifespan is so much shorter than mine hurts so much that I try not to ever think about it. We are a middle class, Jamaican family – not some rich airheads who ignorantly purchase puppy mills babies. My aunt worked for 10 years as a volunteer and then as an employee of North Shore Animal League and all of her babies were rescues. Her dogs were her children. Dogs are not just animals to some of us. Just because your dog is just a dog to you doesn’t mean that that’s how it should be for everyone. Also the woman apparently has other rescue dogs and has no children so perhaps she felt that without her Booger she had nothing and no one to live for. Get over yourselves you arrogantly narrow-minded and egotistical cows.

    And yes R.W. Ridley, love makes you do stupid things… but what she did was (for her) not a stupid thing at all.

  5. Asshats – 🙂

    The point is a clone does not a Booger make. She basically has five living photographs of her dog. They are going to grow up with different personalities and different experiences. She doesn’t have Booger at all.

    The better tribute to Booger would have been to rescue five dogs from a shelter. She can’t see the forest for the trees. Love has blinded her… insert your own cliché here. She actually is thinking and acting very narrowly.

    Donate the $50,000 to the North Shore Animal League.

  6. You jerks are unkind and ignorant of WHY Bernann McKinney cloned her Service Dog. First of all, he was a little stray she rescued from the side of the road who saved her life when she was attacked by another dog and her ams amputated. He stuck by her during all her reconstructive surgeries and became her service dog when he showed a unique ability to REASON. He seemed to understand that her hands didn’t work anymore and took off her shoes and socks, dialed 911, got towels from the dryer, pulled her wheelchair, and even OPENED DOORS WITH HIS TEETH! You creeps who criticize her are in a dream world or else you have never been handicapped and had to depend on a Service Dog to survive, as she did, with the help of her beloved Booger. A movie and book are being done on their lives and struggles together, and maybe you should read it and get a bit of compassion in your souls, like the ONE lady who had some sense to write and who understood the REAL story of Bernann and Booger. Also it is you critics who are stupid. Do you really expect one handicapped lady to adopt millions of dogs around the world? Are you really that DUMB? She already has five recuse dogs –and is planning to use proceeds from the book to start a training center where rescued dogs from pounds will be trained as service animals like Booger. it will be called “Booger’s Place” in his honor. And yes, I know this courageous lady personally–unlike you–and the five cloned puppies are happy and adorable and showing all the unique qualities of their Clone-parent! They have already started opening doors and taking off her socks (without training) an d exhibiting Booger’s high degree of intelligence . It is clear why this exceptional dog Booger was cloned. It is also clear that you critics do NOT understand her story whatsoever.

    • First rule of debate, refrain from personal attacks. You might want to lay off the use of the words like “creeps, jerks, dumb, etc.”
      My compassion goes out to all those dogs that have been abandoned and abused. Mortgaging your house to clone a pet, service dog or not, serves only to progessively make their situation worse. Who needs to save a dog from a shelter when you can just cook up an exact replica of a dead family pet?

      Cloning is not perfected. There were perhaps dozens of “mistakes” during this cloning process that had to be destroyed.

      I understand her love for her pet. I disagree with her method of replacing said pet.

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