Bigfoot’s Body Found

Two police officers in Georgia claim to have the body of Bigfoot. Apparently DNA tests have been done and they are planning to hold a press conference on Friday, August 15. I’m a bigfoot enthusiast, and even I am skeptical. They are only going to have photos at the press conference. Why not produce the body? And for some reason, they are holding the press conference in California even though the body was found in Northern Georgia. I’ll believe it when Dr. Jeff Meldrum gets involved.


***Update:  Ok, this image is included with an article about the find:

Bigfoot In A Box!

Bigfoot In A Box!

If this is really it, it’s a laughable hoax!  Wow!  It’s too bad for words.

Here’s the Fox News report.

What is their end game?  My guess is the press conference will be canceled.

4 thoughts on “Bigfoot’s Body Found

  1. This is shocking and exciting news can’t wait until friday’s press conference.

  2. We shall know soon enough.

  3. Kull is not an independent investigator apart from Biscardi, he is a partner with Bascardi and is doing damage control to separate them from Matt and Rick, this ruse was done in 2005 by Bascardi when Bascardi got outed by George Noory from who was pulling the same hoax about having a Bigfoot, Bascardi said in the press conference that he touched, poked, and prodded the creature…watch the press conference. This is larceny by conversion if money has exchanged hands by any of these members of the hoaxing parties. The same type of hoax is being perpetrated by John Lenard Walson and his partner Gridkeeper on youtube right now. I wonder how many times the cop Matt Whitton lied on the stand to get convictions, if he would lie to the world you can bet he would lie to a judge. Tom Bescardi and Kull are Con-men selling snake-oil, giving cryptoid researchers a bad name. to them it’s all part of making money anyway they can. for more info on Bascardi check out

  4. You have to wonder the mentality of these people. It seems that Whitton has put his law enforcement career at stake.

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