Georgia Bigfoot Body Saga not Over – Whitton and Dyer are Back

Theyre Back!

They're Back?

***UPDATE: I’m saving the original post, but be advised is not the real Whitton and Dyer.  Ironically, someone is hoaxing the hoaxsters.  But on my part, I don’t want to sully their good names by suggesting they would be making false claims about saying they have a fake dead bigfoot that is actually a real dead bigfoot that they are protecting through issuing a fake claim that it isn’t real… or something like that.    

Well, this Bigfoot body thing might not be over. Matthew Whitton and Ricky Dyer apparently aren’t going to go away quietly. They’re making new claims today that what we’ve been hearing about them isn’t true. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Once the ball was rolling with Tom we had more second thoughts. Especially since we were receiving offers in excess of ten million dollars for the body. This really got our attention and made Tom’s offer and ideas look really sorry. But the thing that really sent us on the strange road was the blacked out window vehicles that started following us and our family members. Someone also broke into our houses and a garage where we store our hunting gear. Things were really getting out of hand and the ride hasn’t stopped!

And then this:

I won’t address all the lies being told about us right now but be certain we didn’t intend dupe anyone or rip off anyone. We are simply trying to survive right now and find someone who can help us end the nightmare portion of this saga. We really screwed up by following through with the press conference and delivering the fake Rickmat to Tom’s guys, but it was the only thing we could think of to buy time until we could secure a deal with one of the other more reputable bidders (can you say Ripley’s).

This is nothing if not entertaining. They certainly know how to milk their 15 minutes of fame. I do agree with one thing they said. They do need help. You can read the entire post here: Don’t Believe Anything You’ve Read or Heard

BTW – At least one of the Georgia duo has visited this site and left a comment. That’s how I found their website. Feel free to leave them a message in the comments below.

***UPDATE – The boys confessed to it being a hoax on an Atlanta news station.  Click here to watch the video.

So, either the website was created by some posers or they’re just really, really stupid.  It’s impossible to tell with these two. 

12 thoughts on “Georgia Bigfoot Body Saga not Over – Whitton and Dyer are Back

  1. it was all in good fun, though, right?

  2. I don’t know how fun it turned out for the boys from Georgia. Reports are that Whitton lost his job because of this, and because of the attention he’s brought to himself, he’s not likely to work in law enforcement again. I think this was a prank that got out of hand, and now they’re scrambling to get it back under control.

    They did fool the major media. I’ll give them that. It is kind of fun watching them back away from their original coverage of this thing.

  3. They’re not that bright and surely don’t consider the consequences for their actions. I would call them morons, but I don’t want to offend the word “moron” in association with these two low-lifes.

  4. Like your post- it’s well written.

  5. I agree whole-heartedly with Ridley. I can’t imagine those two ever meant for this to go as far as it has–but I have no sympathy for the media or Mr. Tom Bascardi. One thought to get attention, being the first to report the creature; one thought to make money from it. They got fooled by a pair of men, who, in another life, might have been named Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. “Morons”? Not by a long shot. People in the South have known good ole boys like this who can spin a tale and entertain a deer camp all their lives. Just because they aren’t sophisticated doesn’t mean they’re stupid. On the other hand, I’m not sure what it says about investigative reporting, “experts” in the field of Bigfoot study, or the gullibility people who believe they are more highly educated than these two. What I do hope is that somewhere in the Great Beyond, Mark Twain is in his white suit, cigar in hand, rocking on his porch, chuckling to himself. He couldn’t have told a better tale this!

  6. Oh, these two dishrags, they are SO off my list. I want to know more about what happened to the Montauk Monster. Like, did the MIB show up and whisk the evidence away? “Paging Dr. Moreau… Dr. Moreau…please come to the boat dock immediately” Richard, you must have you ear to the ground (and your nose held) on this, too, right? We’re counting on you! !

  7. I’d just like to send out a heartfelt THANKS to ‘the other’ Matt Whitton for being such a fool…I got a heap of traffic on my website at

    WOW! I’ve heard of cashing in but to cash in on someone else cashing in is hilarious!



    Matt Whitton (From Australia) Hey we have some pretty big hairy dudes living down here too!!

  8. I saw the Montauk Monster photo, and I immediately thought that’s a pretty good photoshop image. The origins of the image are pretty iffy. Way too many degrees of separation.

  9. bullshit,,,,someone made this up,,,we never said anything like that on our site,.,..,.,.,

  10. Pretty much ascertained that the site is a fake. To be honest, they’re not really doing anything different than you did with the whole bigfoot body story (if you indeed are really Matt or Ricky). You probably should expect and embrace it.

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