NOTICE:  This is not the mccain/palin website.  This is merely a blog entry announcing the Palin pick.  Leaving Sarah Palin messages here will do no good. 

Speculation is swirling this morning because the domain name www.mccainpalin.com is a live site. Could McCain have chosen the first female governor of Alaska as his running mate? This whole VP thing has been the only watchable drama on the GOP side of the race.

UPDATE*** It’s Official. Meet the GOP VP Nominee

16 thoughts on “WWW.MCCAINPALIN.COM

  1. Why doesn’t McCain (M) Palin (P) and make them a slogan–Mighty Power.

  2. Dear Mr.McCain and Mrs.Palin,
    My name is Yan W Maung from Chicago. I’m proud of you and your Vp.Our family and friends are voted for you .I’m came from non-developement country and I know how to survived at America. Most of the young people they don’t know what is the work and responsibility.They want Obamar to change and they don’t want to work nicely.Mr.Obamar can’t change event they don’t change there ability and bad habbits.
    You can find all these bad atitudes from young people every where at US. For myself,Both of you can handl our country as our leader and we’re pray for you .God bless you both and we love you.

    Best Regards,
    Yan w maung

  3. I appreciate your kind wishes, but I’m not John McCain or in any way associated with the McCain/Palin ticket. I’m officially undecided and supporting no one in the upcoming election. By officially, I mean I attend meetings for the undecided, or at least I would if we could decide on a location… and time… and agenda.

  4. Beat that Democrat !!!!! Good luck with the debates……

  5. Dear Sarah Palin
    for my opinion i think you better resign VP because you dont fit on that Tittle at all
    your not strng enough to face the Media and reallity for the Nation like America
    and You dont even know how to Present yourself as a VP candidate. Look at Ms Rice the way she walk and talk with other Leaders you better learn from Her.

    No Mccain No Palin
    Obama Biden For America.

  6. I would like you to send me MccainPalin Yard signs and ‘bumper’ stickers at your earliest
    convienence…….Pls hurry, time is short. I will pay for them if necessary…..

  7. Unless you’re asking for R.W. Ridley yard signs and bumper stickers, I don’t have any. I think you’re looking for the mccain/palin campaign people of which I’m not. Go to http://www.mccainpalin.com to make your request.

    In the interest of fair time, for those of you who want Obama/Biden yard signs and bumper stickers go to http://www.barackobama.com.

  8. Sarah, I am very proud of you and John!!! you are doing a great job and I wish that others could see that McCain and Palin is the ONLY choice for our country. Please keep up the great job and GOD will bless you for it. I can tell you that all our friends are voting for McCain/Palin..Im tired of hearing all the negetivity about the Republicans and i just wanted you to know that their is some of us who appreciate all that McCain and Palin is going to accomplish for our country. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH ALWAYS…

  9. My name is Kathy. I am a hairstylist. Last week I had a customer tell me that her Priest at her Catholic church forbid his congregation to vote for Obama. I dismissed this thinking that she was mistaken. I also am Catholic, and a Republican. I go to mass on Sunday mornings, in Aurora, CO,,,this morning at 9:30 am, our Priest came out and said he did not endorse any of the candidates. I am 59 years old, and never have had this happen. I am hopeful this willl help McCain and Palin, but it is still a bit scary for me . Any one else here anything like this. Kathy

  10. Hello candidates, I support you!
    With all the controversy around Obama’s relationships…as a former Adv. director and supporter….I suggest you exploit the Acorn frauds.
    There is an old say that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. I suggest you send Sarah Palin out on the stump and say “The Acorn doesn’t fall from the tree either”
    Think about it. His former associations in Chicago. It would be a home run with 10 to15 states investigating this org.
    Go after him on this. I will sink him with the American people.
    Good Luck on Nov. 4th. I’ll be voting for you!

  11. Hi my name is Manuel Bortoni, I think the Mr McAin and Ms Paulin are the best option for this country, my vote ir your and my father’s vote too. god bless McAin/Paulin. Thans.

  12. I am very pleased with the Presidential debates and think that Mr. Mc Cain and you Mrs. Palin are the best choice for the American people no matter what kind of mud the Democrats try to sling on you guys. They have been in control and made very poor decisions I beleive that have affected the American people harshly. My Husband and I are pleased to let you know that we beleive in you. We are a small business and work very hard to provide for our families and know what hard work is. Good luck and God Bless.

  13. I just want to stop by and say hang in there. The media is makeing a big deal about your familys Clothes budget. I personally thin that is Really Stupid of them you should be able to spend whatever you like on clothes. Besides you will be giveing the clothes to charity. By the way I am 15 Years old and think Palin Is a great canadite for Vice President.
    MCAIN-PALIN For 08

  14. Hey I am in 4 th grade and I thaink that this is varry inportent that all people should vote(if 18+) I am a big fan I am so happy becuse I know that you will win! I LOVE YOU!

  15. I trust you would not have reservations if I placed a part of this on my univeristy blog?

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