Nazi Bears

I know nothing!

"I know nothing!"

This photo has been making the rounds on various blogs on the interweb. Technically they are not Nazis (It just made a better headline), but they are German soldiers circa World War II. This isn’t the only photo of German soldiers with some guy in a bear costume. I would love to know the story behind the photo. If I had to guess, I would say that it’s Hogan escaping Stalag thirteen. If you look closely, you may even see Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz.

Seriously what is the story behind this picture? You can check out Cryptomundo for more details.

2 thoughts on “Nazi Bears

  1. The bear is a mascot of Berlin, and made morale-building appearances. I found this out after I found a picture of my father-in-law (born in postwar Berlin) as a toddler with a similar bear. It’s very common with Berliners (is that what they’re called, or did I just mention jelly doughnuts?) to be photographed with the bear.

  2. I say this, despite my wish that the photo be captioned “Obergruppenführer Winni poses with troops on the Eastern front.”

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