Brain Teaser – The Missing Dollar

Less Math.  More Brains.

Less Math. More Brains.

Got this in an email. I can’t figure it out.

Three people attend a fund raising dinner. They pay $30 and go to their table. The hostess suddenly remembers that the table rate is $25 and gives $5 to a waiter to return to the guests.

On the way to the table, the waiter decides that $5 would be too difficult to split three ways so he pockets $2 and gives $1 to each guest. Now each guest paid $10 and got back $1. So they paid $9 each, totaling $27. The waiter has $2, totaling $29.

Where is the missing $1?

The other odd part of this teaser is if you add $25 (what they should have paid) plus $3(What the waiter returned) you get $28 (plus the $2 the waiter pocketed equals $30).

As I’ve always suspected, math breaks things.

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