Buffalo Bulls Win National Championship!

Bulls QB Drew Willey was 24-36 for 342 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win over the Gators

Bull's QB Drew Willy was 24 - 36 for 342 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win over the Gators

In what will go down as the most bizarre play in the history of college football, Buffalo Bulls linebacker, Justin Winters stripped the ball from Gator’s quarterback, Tim Tebow on the Bulls five yard line and ran the ball 95 yards for the winning score, making the University at Buffalo’s Bulls the improbable national champions in college football.  What makes the play so bizarre is that it came about as a result of what may be Tebow’s biggest mistake in his illustrious college career.   With the ball on the five and up by four points, with eight seconds on the game clock and three seconds on the play clock, all the Gator’s quarterback had to do was take a knee and the game was over.  The ball was snapped.  Tebow took the ball from center, motioned as if he was taking a knee and then started walking to the sidelines with the ball raised high in the air with one hand.  Unnoticed by the Gator’s quarterback, the referees did not blow the whistle to signal that play was dead.  Winters broke through the line, stripped the ball from Tebow and ran it in for what was ruled a touchdown on the field.  A stunned crowd waited in silence as the replay booth took 15 minutes to review the play.  The question was whether Tebow actually took a knee.  The officials could find no conclusive evidence to overturn the ruling, giving Winters the touchdown and The Bulls the national championship.  Final score: 37-35





Reality note:  This was fun and I thank everyone who participated in the Mythical (Yet More Real Than The BCS) College Football Playoff.  In particular, the University at Buffalo Bulls fans.  You guys love your Bulls.  In total, you cast 6,507 for Turner Gill’s team throughout the playoffs.  In the championship alone, you voted 4,287 times.  Congratulations!  You literally willed your team to victory.  You actually got me interested in the watching the Bulls take on the University of Connecticut today. 

BTW – a total of 9,020 votes were cast throughout the entire playoffs.  Go BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you know the address for the University at Buffalo’s athletic department, let me know and I’ll send them an official plaque. 

4 thoughts on “Buffalo Bulls Win National Championship!

  1. University at Buffalo- Football
    104 UB Stadium
    Buffalo, NY 14260

  2. Get your UB gear and we’ll see you at UB Stadium next season! 🙂

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