Florida Wins BCS Championship, Still No National Champion

Well, the Florida Gators are your BCS national champions.  Ahhh… okay… the Florida Gators are the best… one of the best teams in the country.  Try this.  The Florida Gators have the best record… one of the best records in college football.  Okay, how about this.  The Florida Gators are the best team from a major conference in college football… excluding USC and Texas. 

I was pulling for the Gators last night, but sorry Florida nation, your Gators aren’t the national champions.  Utah is the only team that can come close to making that claim, and I would even dispute that.  Until the national championship is decided in a playoff, there is no national champion in college football.  I say this being a fan of the first team to ever win the BCS national championship.

3 thoughts on “Florida Wins BCS Championship, Still No National Champion

  1. haha, great post man. so true— no team did anything to pull away from the rest of the pack.

    what does that leave? a mass of teams at the top of the rankings at the end of the year.

    whats the best way to settle that? it sounds crazy, but HAVE THEM PLAY EACHOTHER!

    if there was ever a season that just screams “this place needs a damned playoff system!” it was this one.

    couldnt agree with your post more.


  2. Serious answer. No.

    The biggest roadblock is the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl committee, as well as the Pac10 and Big10 Commissioners are completely unwilling to strike a deal where that bowl loses significance.

    ADDITIONALLY, ESPN just signed on to a deal with the BCS for broadcast rights through (I think) 2014. Which means at least until 2014 the BCS will be around…

    -RTS Sports Editor-

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