It was just a matter of time… Google searches are killing the planet.

Okay, I was wondering how long it would be before someone would do a study on the impact of Google on the environment.  Now information and the desire to know things is killing the planet.  Thank you, intellectual curiosity.  You’re not only leading me to uncover useless information half of the time, but you’re actually causing global warming. 

Read here: The Enviromental Impact of Google Searches

5 thoughts on “It was just a matter of time… Google searches are killing the planet.

  1. Well if it bothers you so much then take down your website and go live with the Amish. If anyone has a right to complain its them , they ARE living a real green life and not this pitiful attempt to criticize everyone while you still drive , watch tv , shop at walmart , have a computer and contribute to your so called global warming. All you greenies should go pack up and move to remote Africa where you can save the planet together. The arrogance… All I see is alot of bitching an moaning but no real effort to change. Better yet just hang yourself , we don’t need your CO2 footprint , lets have more abortions. And lets burn up corn for fuel so then we can starve millions because after all , they don’t deserve to live because we need to save the earth. Oh but wait we were supposed to die by 2010 according to your lord Al gore…

  2. I found this post very intriguing, and subsequently the article from the times aswell. I blogged a while ago about how much cynicism surrounds climate change, global warming and our C02 footprints. It’s no wonder that now Google is being blamed for the contribution to this also. Whatever next.

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