Stephen King Gives Out the Rare Reverse Blurb

One can’t help but feel bad for Twilight author Stephenie Meyer this morning. Stephen King is not a fan of her pretty-boy vampire tales, and he’s not afraid to say it. In fact, he said in an USA Weekend interview that Ms. Meyer isn’t a very good writer. True, she has millions of devalued dollars to placate her wounded writer’s soul, but still it’s got to sting when the master doesn’t approve. I am not a fan of the Meyer’s books myself. It has nothing to do with the author’s talents. I just like my vampires to be… scary. The notion of metrosexual vampires is lost on me. I don’t like reading “sex in the city” moments in my creepy monster stories. And make no mistake about it, vampires are monsters. They are not out-of-work fashion models more concerned about hair gel than getting their next blood-lust freak on.

Still, I’m a bit baffled by Mr. King’s comments. They seem unnecessary. I am a Stephen King fan. I count “Bag of Bones,” as one of my favorite books, and granted, he’s not known for withholding his opinion when asked, but I have to admit this one has me scratching my head. I know reporters take things out of context, and tend toward the sensational, but I can’t for the life me find a positive way to spin the quote, “Stephanie Meyer can’t write worth a darn.” I’m thinking maybe someone cut him off in traffic or left his donut a few sprinkles short the morning of the interview, and he was just feeling grumpy.

You can read the story here: Smackdown of the Week: Stephen King vs. Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer

11 thoughts on “Stephen King Gives Out the Rare Reverse Blurb

  1. Yeah, I thought this sounded kind of petty. What immediately came to mind was something of his I read a while back describing his early days as a writer, living on mac & cheese in a broken-down trailer, and I’m thinking he’s a little hacked off that she didn’t pay her dues the way he did. Plus, like you said, her vampires aren’t that scary, and perhaps that’s an affront to the genre.

    For me, Meyer’s vampires were a synthesis of all the “edgy” rebel loners I want my daughter to stay far, far away from. : )

  2. Ha! Yes, the brooding, anti-hero should be kept away from everyone’s daughter. And you may be on to something with your “paying her dues” theory. SK is old school. He may have a thing for authors who rise from the ashes of poverty like he and JKR did. Although, that leaves his son out, who is a fantastic writer – maybe even better than King.

  3. Different direction:

    I’m glad someone else seemed to love Bag of Bones as I did.
    I think it’s one of his most underated works.
    I really liked Duma Key from last year too. That one didn’t seem to get much attention.

    • I actually had to take a long road trip last year so I bought the unabridged audio CD of Duma Key. It was 24 hours long. I enjoyed it a lot. Listening to a book isn’t the same as reading it, but it was great.

      Desperation is one of Kings creepiest books. I loved it. A lot of blood and guts and very nasty demons.

  4. I find the certainty of your vampirical convictions curious, especially considering their dubious state of existence. As a reader and writer, I believe it more accurate to suggest that Meyer is simply redefining an icon of the Fantasy genre, rather than providing an inaccurate account of their nature.

  5. Fair enough, and she’s allowed to do what she wants with her vampires, but my point is they’re not scary. I like scary.

  6. I don’t know…did you see the movie?
    The acting WAS pretty scary.

    • HA! You win the zinger of the day award! Nicely played. I didn’t see the movie. I may when it comes on HBO, but from what I’ve heard it’s not even worth a rental fee.

  7. I saw the film…with the wife…in the theater. I almost got lost in a sea of teenage angst.

  8. I know a lot of people who think the book is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but gave the move a thumbs down. As my wife says, “Didn’t see it. and didn’t like it.”

  9. I don’t actually think what he said was petty at all. Often, when people bitch about Stephen King being OMG SO MEEN!!11! to Smeyer, they only quote the “Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn” part. Just before he told it like it is about Smeyer, he praised J.K. Rowling. He then proceeded to acknowledge why it’s popular with girls. Also, Stephen King often says good things about his fellow authors, so when Stephen King says you can’t write, you can’t write. End of story. In fact, Smeyer supporters should consider themselves lucky that it was Stephen King that chewed Smeyer out. If it had been another author, chances are the criticism wouldn’t have been half as nice.

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