The Chimp Attack – Compassion Before Judgment

I just listened to the most horrifying thing I have heard, the 911 call from the owner of the chimp that mauled a woman in Connecticut. It is a bell you can’t un-ring. If you have not heard it, I don’t recommend listening to it. I’m not even going to link to it in this post. Suffice it to say, that the mauling victim, if she survives, will be permanently altered, both physically and mentally, by this event, and the chimp owner will suffer irreparable psychological damage.

It’s easy as a champion of all thing apes for me to sit in judgment of this woman for keeping a chimp as a pet. They are more than wild animals. They are wild animals with above average intelligence that live in hierarchal groups where the most brutal and cunning rise to Alpha male status. They have a genetic predisposition for violence. They organize “war parties” in the wild and hunt down other chimps that they kill with great zeal. And this is not new information. This behavior has been reported on for decades. Dr. Jane Goodall has brought us groundbreaking information on these great apes for the last 45 years. Chimps are not human. It’s hard to even classify them as animals that operate solely on instinct. They operate on a very deliberate and cognitive level. They think. Don’t misunderstand me. They don’t think like humans. They think like chimps, and chimps think in very primitive (by human standards) and brutal ways. Violence is in many ways the solution.

But it is important for us as a society to not pile on the owner of this chimp. I don’t even want to mention her name here because it’s useless. I’m not a journalist. I’m a writer that keeps a blog of mostly useless observations. This unfortunate woman is going to have to live with her decision for the rest of her life. She kept a chimp as a pet. That decision has left her life in ruins. It is undeniable. She will blame herself for this tragedy until the day she dies, and I don’t wish that on her. She lost her beloved chimp and her friend is likely out of her life even if she manages to survive the injuries. The chimp owner miscalculated the nature of nature. Survival is the first priority of any animal, sometimes even if that animal is human.

Humans may be even worse. There are those who have felt the need to send this woman emails that contain taunts and threats. There is nothing that can be done or said to this woman that will mend the pain and agony she will feel for the rest of her days. The threats are not only vulgar, they are unnecessary. I’m deeply disturbed that the chimp had to be destroyed. I understand the anger. But I also understand that the owner of the chimp has suffered greatly.

The best trait human’s have is compassion. I suggest we use it for all involved in this horrific tragedy.




6 thoughts on “The Chimp Attack – Compassion Before Judgment

  1. wow…. i had a more….funny…well… funnier… if u wanna go into all this grammatical stuff….way of putting that in my blog……

  2. Trust me, I’m usually not this serious. The entire 13 minute 911 call is chilling. I’ll be back to goofy today.

  3. With one eye closed I read your piece here. I clicked on your link to learn about self-publishing (actually I clicked through 3 blog addresses of yours to get to this one) and after reading your posts on the others, did not expect to see this posting – neither for its content, nor its timeliness.

    I have actually quickly turned the channel whenever a news item has come on TV concerning this matter, and have only gleened the scantiest of details. But I do want to thank you for the compassion you are trying to spread by writing about this.

    Don’t worry – I definitely will not listen to the 9-1-1 call.

    • Thanks, Debbie. I update this blog more than I’ve gotten really lazy, so if I find some good info on publishing (self or otherwise), I usually post it in both places now. Welcome, and I hope you keep coming back.

  4. EDITOR’S NOTE: We like to hear from different perspectives. So we were excited that Mr. Bananas, an adult Macaque at the San Diego zoo, wanted to share his thoughts on the recent chimp attack that’s been all over the news.

    Okay, okay, everyone is freaking out about the monkey in Connecticut that ripped the face off that lady so let me first say this; we’re f*&king monkeys people. We’re used to fuggin’ lions and jaguars and shit chasing us. Have you ever had to shove your finger in a crocodile’s asshole to get him to loosen his jaws so you can escape? In the jungle we call that shit “Tuesday.” So when you take us out of the jungle, just because you put a diaper on us and have us wear a shirt from Urban Outfitters, that doesn’t mean I suddenly won’t freak the f*&k out and start trying to rip dude’s faces off when I hear a vacuum go on or something.

    Secondly, I don’t know exactly what happened with said monkey, because I don’t read the papers, I just poop on them, but why the hell would you ever let anything that throws its own shit and jacks off in public, get close enough to your face to tear it off? I’m a fuggin monkey and the only time I let other monkeys get that close to me is if they got one of those big red asses that let’s me know they’re in heat, and even then, I make sure they back up in to me.

    So, in closing, don’t believe what you see in that dumb ass Matt LeBlanc movie where one of us plays third base. I talked to that monkey, and he told me the only thing that kept him from royally f*&king up Matt LeBlanc’s shit every day was that he thinks they put something in his bananas.

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