Getting Over Rejection!

Under the category of perfect timing for me, GET OVER IT DAY™ is on March 9. This is quite possibly the biggest holiday in any writer’s life, and it is a real honest to goodness holiday. Successful people with perfect lives will have to get out of everyone else’s way for the day. It’s a day where the rest of us get to suck a little less. Here’s a quote from the official GET OVER IT DAY™ website:

(Seriously, it’s a real holiday. And it’s cooler than Arbor Day, Flag Day, and Groundhog’s Day combined!)

GET OVER IT DAY™ is based on the idea that EVERYONE has SOMETHING to get over. Strategically the exact midpoint between Valentine’s Day and April Fool’s Day, “Get Over It Day” (March 9) is the day to finally get over that ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, those stressful school- or work-related issues, any fears, insecurities, embarrassing moments, bad relationships, etc. [Editor’s Note: If you’re not sure what YOU have to get over, just ask your friends what they’re tired of hearing you complain about.]

I’m going to sulk until then. Yea, for everyone around me.

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