How Books Were Made Before Magic Digital Fairies Existed!

Making a book today is not easy.  It takes a lot of time, people, fancy-schmancy machines, one or two magic digital fairies, ink, and glue to make a book.  There will be a day when all we will need is the magic digital fairies, but that day is at least a week away, maybe two. 

But back in the day when magic digital fairies were just plain old magic analog fairies, it used to take even more time, people, and fancy-schmancy machines to make a book.  The use of ink and glue probably was much less because it was so friggin’ hard to make a book, they made fewer of them.  The video below was created in 1947.  It illustrates just how ridiculously complicated it used to be to make a book.  You think it’s hard to get a publishing deal today?  Imagine how impossible it was back then.  So on that day when you finally do get that publishing deal you’ve been longing for, thank the magic digital fairies for tearing down the technical barriers that may have prevented you from getting a deal in the past. Magic digital fairies rule!


2 thoughts on “How Books Were Made Before Magic Digital Fairies Existed!

  1. I’m all for magic and faeries!

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