And the winner of the Kindle2 is….

The entries have been counted, sorted, filed, and dumped into a space age tumbling machine to mix them up all professional like, and we have a winner. To find out who the lucky so and so is all you have to do is watch the video below. Thanks to everyone who participated. We had close to 1100 views for the video on Youtube, and that’s pretty darn good when you consider that the only places I pimped the contest was here, Twitter, Facebook, and once on Scalzi’s site. Yay, web 2.0!

BTW – I will be using the paper again, so for those of you who are concerned that a truckload of trees gave their lives for a silly little contest, rest easy because they actually gave their lives for silly little first (and second and third) drafts of my books.

3 thoughts on “And the winner of the Kindle2 is….

  1. Thats what I would call a successful campaign! Congrats. Though I’m sad that Kindle’s not mine 🙂

  2. Arghhhhhh! Alas! Foiled AGAIN!

  3. You’re all winners… well, not in the sense that you actually won a Kindle, but metaphorically, you’re a winner.

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