Stephenie Meyer gets figuratively kneecapped again by another bestselling author

Bestselling authors are apparently not big fans!

Bestselling authors are apparently not big fans!

Why are these authors putting me in the position of feeling sorry for Stephenie Meyer? I’m perfectly happy being jealous of her success, thank you. Stop making me come to her defense. First, it was one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, who gave her a literary smack across the face in February by saying she isn’t a very good writer. As much as I love Mr. King, I thought it was at worst a vicous thing to say, and at best an unnecessary thing to say. But he is Stephen King, and he has a reputation of shooting from the hip.

Now it is Jodi Picoult, an author with almost 14 million books in print, who’s taken a swipe at the already wounded Meyer. In the April 11 issue of Newsweek magazine, Picoult declares that “In terms of the literary content of the ‘Twilight’ books, they’re totally escapist. I think technically I am maybe a cut above.” In other words, I’m better than Stephenie Meyer. She does follow that statement with “Stephenie Meyer has gotten people hooked on books… and that’s good for all of us.” But the blow had already been delivered.

These quotes are pulled from an article titled and subtitled, Why Is It A Sin To Read For Fun? Jodi Picoult makes lots of people love books—but has she become too successful to be taken seriously? The focus of the article is whether authors have credibility just because they sell a lot of books. The answer is yes. I’m not the brightest guy on the planet, but even I know there is no accounting for taste. Denying a book’s merit just because I don’t like it or the Pulitzer Prize committee will never consider it is foolhardy, especially if that book happens to sell millions of copies and capture the hearts and minds of an entire generation of readers. To her credit, Picoult isn’t questioning the merit of Meyer’s books, but she is calling into question her level of talent. Again, I’m not sure it’s necessary.

I thought when Norman Mailer died the days of the author feud were over.

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8 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer gets figuratively kneecapped again by another bestselling author

  1. Looks like Picoult just lost a potential book sale.

    I think it’s crappy.

    Why are they so threatened? You gotta wonder why a successful person would feel the need to put others down. Insecure much??

    I’ve read all the Meyer books and found them a terrific escape.

    I found your book spectacular also! I couldn’t put it down.

    Although I did read it only during the day because it was also creepy.
    In a good way 🙂

    I am dying to read the next Oz adventure!

    • That is very kind of you to say. I appreciate it very much. Part of me thinks Picoult didn’t mean to come off as critical of Meyer. I think she was trying to give her a compliment, backhanded as it may have been.

  2. 1. I was a big fan of Stephen King until I read the last three books of the Dark Tower series, which sucked much so he has no room to insult anyone. And by the way, hasn’t HIS work been insulted as being low quality escapist?

    2. Generally speaking, all these big selling authors are writing what they think will sell, doing it for the money. I think they’re all sell outs to what’s popular at the moment. Some of these people, you read their books, and they’re all the same and they’re boring and predictable, not what I want to waste my time or money on. But it seems I’m in the minority.

    3. Being popular really has little to do with quality. Some authors know how to write a book that will sell, in some cases it can be total crap and still sell. Some authors are more concerned with quality.

    4. Who cares? I like to read for different reasons at different times, are all books supposed to be the same? I prefer a good book to a movie for a little escape from this world. Different people have different tastes, different interests, etc. There’s room for all the books.

    5. There’s something to be said for harry potter, and the twilight series if they get children and young people reading at all. Too bad they have to be made into movies.

  3. Selling has nothing to say for the quality of books.
    Its more of the commercial appeal. Face it, our teens love sparkly perfect heros in the body of a vampire.
    But can stephenie write well, no she can’t.
    And honestly, Its frustrating to hear people say she’s a brilliant genius, and how she’s the best writer in the world, when there are far better writers out there.
    I think Stephenie SHOULD be critiqued.
    She should know that her literary skills are very poor.

    • I’m not a fan of Meyer. My problem with her is she has ruined the folklore and legend of vampires. Those underwear models in her books aren’t vampires.

      Her writing talent is another thing. I think it’s a slippery slope when you critique someone elses writing because it is impossible to account for tastes. Her writing connected with a large portion of the population. Is it my cup of tea? No. But that doesn’t mean she writes poorly. Millions of people connected with her story and writing style. Do completely discount them. I just don’t think we can.

      • She has connected to millions of FIRST TIME READERS who wouldn’t know a good book if you hit them over the head with one so YES I do believe they can be discounted for their views because they have had little reading experience to be able to judge whats good or whats terrible writing. I guarantee you that in a few years time after these first time readers (mainly teens) have had a little more reading experience they will realize exactly how stupid they were in thinking Meyers was anything more than a bad amateur who got a lucky break.

  4. We’re not talking literary quality here. If we were, you could discount everything written by Dr. Seuss. He didn’t pump out great literary classics, but he introduced millions of kids to reading. Meyer has done the same thing. She has crediblity for that alone. Forget the quality of her prose. A lot of bad amateurs get lucky breaks and don’t do nearly as well. Even those of us who aren’t fans have to give her credit for the impact she has had on publishing.

    BTW – I know a lot of adults who love Meyer’s books.

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