8 thoughts on “Grilled Pop Tarts – My Greatest Creation

  1. Suddenly I feel like playing a game show. I wonder why. Oh and did the pop tart taste like chicken?

  2. You made me spit Gatorade all over the keyboard. Maybe you should start a new project before you blow up the kitchen. ;D

  3. Genius!
    Now, perhaps you’re willing to take this one step further. I happen to know that frying a Honey Bun is a thin slice of Heaven.
    Drop a Honey Bun into a skillet and fry until golden brown….um…other than the golden brown it already is.
    Anyhoo…don’t add anything just a Honey Bun in a skillet.
    Trust me.

  4. Heh. When a friend of mine gave me a copy of Whipped Cream And Other Delights, the missus got spitting mad at both of us. She’s an old-school hippy (she was on the bus, her oldest was engendered at Woodstock, etc.) and apparently those people have issues with Herb Alpert. Go figure.

    Oh, and did you know that the frosting on Pop Tarts is the same kind that they use to insulate the space shuttle?

    • Who knew Herb Alpert could be such a polarizing figure? I didn’t know about the Pop Tart frosting, but strangely enough, it makes me want even more.

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