Jeff Goldblum shirtless? Seriously? You really want to see that?

You people are sick!

You people are sick!

I realize this is a hell of my own making, but I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on my blog over the last week or so.  Before I explain, allow me to sing the praises of my blog host.  WordPress is a fantastic mecca of blogging goodness.  They have terrific templates and some pretty sweet integration tools, but by far the statistical information I get is my favorite feature.  I know how many people visit my blog every day.  I know the websites that are referring my blog.  I know which links they select on my blog, and I know which keywords they use to find my blog.  It’s that last feature that both amuses me and worries me.  People find my blog by typing some pretty bizarre keywords, some having to do with nudity, which has almost never been featured on my blog.  I say “almost” because I did have a picture of Jeff Goldblum without his shirt on (the picture above) last week.  It was part of my tribute to Jeff for being a celebrity who didn’t die.

Here’s the disturbing thing.  For the last couple of days, some sick people have been discovering my blog by typing “Jeff Goldblum Shirtless” into their favorite search engines.  In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “What is wrong with these people?”   Have I unleashed a Jeff Goldblum shirtless fetish?  If so, I deeply apologize to society in its entire.  Seeing Jeff Goldblum shirtless should not be the hopes and dreams of any young or old web surfer.  If this is one of your deepest desires, please check yourself into a 12 step program immediately.  So far, the number of people using the search term “Jeff Goldblum Shirtless” has been relatively small, but nevertheless, one person with the desire to see him shirtless is one too many.

If this becomes a trend, I’m seriously going to have to reconsider my “Awkward Actors Without Shirts” series that I had planned for the blog.  Now you may never get to see Jason Schwartzman sans his man’s blouse.  I won’t be responsible for letting loose that untoward fixation onto the world.  No, sir!  Not me!  Never!

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8 thoughts on “Jeff Goldblum shirtless? Seriously? You really want to see that?

  1. Sorry, but Jeff is attractive. Deal with it.

    • Well, part of me thinks you are Jeff Goldblum. But regardless, Goldblum has never been known as a beef cake. His attraction comes from his charm, wit, and intellect.

      I’m having a little fun. I’m trying to get my pound of flesh for having to sit through Earth Girls Are Easy years ago.

  2. I have to agree with SweetChaos, I’ve always found Jeff rather attractive. He was adorable when he was younger and is still good looking in my opinion. As for Earth Girls are Easy, I’ll admit that was a stupid movie, but then again how many 80s comedies weren’t? Personally, I just forget about the plot and look at Jeff and Geena being gorgeous.

  3. Weird Science was brilliant!

  4. I searched that a couple of weeks ago, maybe I’m the one that ended up in your blog because of it? LMAO! Anyway, he’s super hot, not so much right now, but you have to be blind to not notice his sex appeal in a movie like Jurassic Park when he’s lying there with his shirt open, like that other guy said, he’s hot, deal with it and some of us have unusual taste, nothing to be ashamed of.

  5. I saw Jeff in The Prisoner of Second Avenue in London’s West End recently and let me tell you, I’m a 100% straight dude but from a pure anatomical point of view it’s amazing what great shape he’s in given that he’s nearly 60. I was googling for a photyo maybe from promotional material so I can prove it to friends who don’t believe me.

    … at least, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

  6. I agree with you about the charm, wit and intellect, but in the 80s he was also rather disconcertingly hunky. Nothing wrong with a roman nose and strong features.

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