Bill Maher vs. Jon Stewart – Who’s Funnier?

Okay, they have similar social leanings.  Their humor is topical and political.  They both have quasi talk/news shows on cable television. And they are both often quoted on various news programs across the dial.  The question must be asked.  Who is king of the satirical hill?

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6 thoughts on “Bill Maher vs. Jon Stewart – Who’s Funnier?

  1. I LOATHE Bill Maher. He seems like the biggest asshole ever.

  2. How about a poll of the best comedians? Barney Frank vs Dick Cheney? Barney makes me feel gay, but Dick makes me scared so I vote for Dick.

  3. You’re right about Maher lacking charm – a lot of his stand up routine is devoted to angry whining. But, like Stewart, he is failry well-read. Stewart is really a historian who likes comedy – whether you agree with his politics or not, he’s clearly interested in the positive progress of the country and does his best to expose the bad guys and their cronies that hurt the workings of government. Colbert’s good, but he’s still second fiddle to Stewart.

  4. Bill Maher takes himself very seriously and is arrogant and full of his own self-importance. He thinks he’s better and smarter than everybody. Borders on being a complete, pompous ass.

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