Old Ladies on a Plane – Episode 7 “Twitter is perverting the news!”

The ladies discuss the state of the television news industry today.  To summarize, Twitter is destroying the news! 

BTW – The ladies will be coming in for a landing next week.  Only time will tell if they fly again!

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4 thoughts on “Old Ladies on a Plane – Episode 7 “Twitter is perverting the news!”

  1. Now you’re just making stuff up! Am I wrong?


    • Ha! – Well, I’ve filled in a few holes. The details are sketchy at this point, but topic and tone are accurate. I’d it’s 60-40 – 40% completely made up.

      BTW – I altered some of the more offensive statements along the way.

      • But I thought when you write, you don’t worry about offending people. It’s the characters speaking, not you.


  2. Good point. And you really do read my blog 🙂

    1. Since I’m doing the voices, I couldn’t bring myself to say some of the things they were saying. As a writer, I try not to worry about being offensive (although I’ll never be able to not worry about it. I struggle with it a lot). As a performer, I can’t say stuff that makes me uncomfortable.

    2. You’ve met my wife. She’d kiill me if I put some of that stuff on this blog!

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