It took me a measly two weeks to become a crackberry addict!

The good old days - When I had my Backberry on my person!

The good old days - When I had my Backberry on my person!

I left the house without my Blackberry this morning, and I am going through withdrawals!  Seriously, I keep looking over at the place where it usually sits on my desk and immediately experiencing a gnawing feeling in my gut.  Keep in mind, 99% of the time when it’s used as a phone, I’m talking to my wife.   But the Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, USA Today, etc. apps get me through lunch, and the music is essential for my late afternoon walk!  What have I done?

I realize I’m coming off as a total tool right now, but that’s the power of addiction.  It has total power over your level of public tooliness.   I also realize I need help, and if I had my Blackberry, I’d call for it… or text for it… or Tweet for it… or send out a SOS to my FB Friends… Damn.  You see how awesome the Blackberry is.  I can do everything with it.  Without it, I am just a sad and pathetic shell of a man who is lost without his crackberry.

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