Red Adept’s Review of The Takers

Read Red Adepts review of The Takers

Read Red Adept's review of The Takers

Pardon this self-promotion post, but I guess that’s part of my job as an author with books on the market.  Red Adept has posted a review of The Takers on her blog, which is aptly named Red Adept’s Kindle Book Review Blog.  It’s a Kindle blog which means if you are a Kindle owner you can subscribe to her blog and get reviews of the latest and greatest titles available for the fancy-schmancy e-reading device.    I’m happy to say she gave The Takers five out of five stars.  Here’s an excerpt of her review:

It was difficult to find a stopping point in which to take a break while reading this novel. Every single bit of it is filled with tension and foreshadowing.

When I got to the very end, I thought I was going to be angry and disappointed, but the author managed to restore my faith with just one last sentence.

I am humbly gracious for the kind words.  It’s obvious Red Adept’s blog has a significant following because the Amazon ranking jumped considerably since she posted her review.  BTW – The Takers is availabe in both print and Kindle formats.

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7 thoughts on “Red Adept’s Review of The Takers

  1. I read the book “The Takers” it was O.K. Robert Ridley (Richard”s father)

    • Thanks for the ringing endorsement, dad. 🙂

      • Wow!

        Remind me to NOT have my mother review my blog. LOL

        I can see her post now:

        “Well, I don’t read a lot, but my daughter reads all the time, so this might be good. What the heck’s a blog, anyway?”


        I am so looking forward to that sequel coming out on Kindle, Mr. Ridley. Could you hurry up, please? 🙂

  2. All part of being a Ridley!

  3. Reading #1 on Kindle now…. but why aren’t the sequels on Kindle yet?? I’ll be finished with Oz in a few hours & I hate waiting! I just went to download the next 2, and wailed when they weren’t available.

  4. I must say, Mr. Ridley, Red Adept is correct. That last sentence is one of the only cliffhangers that left me excited instead of angry…
    But then I had to wait a year for Delon City XD

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    post on our website. Keep up the great writing.

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