Janet Reno Shirtless!

The closest thing I could find to a shirtless Janet Reno.

The closest thing I could find to a shirtless Janet Reno.

OMG!  I can’t believe you actually clicked on a link to see Janet Reno shirtless!  Janet Reno is a brilliant public servant and legal mind.  Can’t you just love her for her mind?  I’ve been discussing this whole shirtless celebrities thing with my fellow bloggers, and we are concerned!  What is this obsession with seeing celebrities shirtless?  Okay, some of them make sense, but Alan Baxter said that he’s had people find his blog by searching for topless pictures of Stephen King (which he doesn’t have, btw)!  Stephen-friggin’-King!  I have to tell you, I’ve seen King in a sleeveless t-shirt, and I was appalled.  I don’t want to think about him shirtless.  He’s the greatest horror novelist of my time, but I’m willing to bet that one good look at his pecs may send you really screaming into the night.  All due respect to Mr. King, but he’s not exactly known for his physique.

So what is it? Why do you want to see people like Janet Reno, Jerry Seinfeld, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Ed Asner, Jack Nicholson, etc. shirtless?  Why the curiosity to see people not known for their rock hard abs bare chested?  What gives?  The answer better be good because I am quickly losing faith in my fellow man.

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2 thoughts on “Janet Reno Shirtless!

  1. I dread to think what kind of hits you’re going to get now. Janet Reno!? Eeesh!

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