Lost Days – Post 30 & Special Announcement!

This is the 30th installment of the book I am currently writing. It is Sci-Fi/Adventure for young adult. It is not part of the Oz Chronicle series. Click on the “Lost Days Book” category on the right to read from the beginning. Or you can click here

**Special Announcement: I am going to do a test run of 10 Advanced Reader Copies (ARC).  The first 10 people to email me with the subject line “Send me a free ARC,” I will do just that.  Remember to include your mailing address in the email.  I promise I won’t share it with anybody.  In addition, once I get a final print, I will send you a free signed copy of the final book.  I would love your honest feedback on the book, good or bad.  In fact, for your feedback, I will give you 10 entries in the drawing that I will have to promote the official release of the book.  In the past, the drawing has been for a Kindle. Since Lost Days won’t initially be released in Kindle format, I’m going to go with something different this time, but it will be of equal or greater value.    Keep in mind, your feedback may be showcased on this blog. 

I tried not to think about dressing sexy the next day, but Denise’s voice just wouldn’t stop yapping in my head.  I took longer than I had ever taken to get ready for school.  I tried on six different outfits and even tried my hand at putting on makeup, something I had rarely done.  After several failed attempts, I washed my face and settled on a modest amount of lipstick.  Denise would have something to say about my lack of face paint, but she could eat it.  It just wasn’t for me.  As for the clothes, I settled on a black sweater over a white blouse and black slacks that I’d worn to one of my parents’ divorce proceedings.  Some family court mediator wanted to assess the children’s wellbeing, blah, blah, blah. Anyway mom made us dress like we cared.  It was not sexy because I wasn’t sexy.  I was a dorky kid who wouldn’t know sexy if it punched me in the face.  I did sneak into my mom’s room and swipe a pair of black high heeled boots.  I had worn high heels a few times in my life, and I had some training in walking in them, but I still wasn’t as fleet of foot as I usually was.  They made me feel helpless.  I kept imagining scenarios where I would have to run from danger, and I would be in deep trouble because running was not an option in my mom’s boots.  I would have taken them off, but I was surprised when I liked the way they looked in the full-length mirror.  They really took my outfit to the next level.  I looked tasteful with just the hint of… ‘Whoa.’  I was anxious to see Joyner’s reaction.  I hated myself for thinking like Denise.  Owen was right.  Poor Ginger’s mother was dead.  It seemed insensitive of me to use the occasion of her funeral as an opportunity to seduce the hottest guy in school with a pair of high heeled boots, but there I was prepared to unleash all my underdeveloped feminine wiles on the guy of my dreams.  I was a bad person. 

“Whoa,” was what Owen said when he saw me walking across the school parking lot.  He yelled it without even thinking.

“Shut up,” I yelled back feeling really stupid for trying so hard to look good.

“What… no,” he said as I stopped in front of him.  “It’s just that… you know, whoa.  You look… you look…”

“I look like I’m going to a funeral, right?”

“Sure, sure,” he said.  “Me, too.”

“Those are your regular clothes,” I said.  It was true.  He didn’t dress up at all.  He wore an un-ironed oxford over a Halo t-shirt, a ratty pair of jeans, and black canvas Converse shoes.

He pulled a crumpled red tie out of his backpack.  “Got this.”

“Owen” I said disappointedly.  “You should have at least ironed your shirt.  I can’t believe your mom lets you leave the house like this.”

“Look,” he said.  “Just because you look hot in your fancy clothes doesn’t mean you can tell me how to dress.”

We both stared at each other in disbelief.  He’d just said that I looked hot.  He didn’t expect to say it, and it was the last thing on earth I thought that Owen Doogan would ever say to me.  We were saved from the completely uncomfortable moment when Denise screeched.

“O-M-G, you look amazing,” she said.  “Oops, except for the makeup.  What’s up with that?  You should totally borrow my eyeliner and blush.”

“Forget it,” I said sharply.

She looked somewhat shocked by my tone.  “No, biggie.  The rest of it works.  The sweater…” she reached out and touched it.  “What is that, cashmere?  Nice, nice.  Your butt looks incredible in those pants.  I am impressed.  You look like you actually have a figure, and…” another squeal.  “Those boots.  O-M-G…”

“I’ve got to go,” Owen said.  He turned and trotted away without giving Denise and me a chance to say goodbye.

“What’s his problem?” Denise asked.

“Not sure,” I said watching him enter the school.

“He probably doesn’t know to how to act with two babes like us.”  She held open her coat and showed off a form-fitting gray dress.  “What do you think?”

I gulped.  “Ahhh, it’s not very funerally.”

“But do you think Danny Perry will like it?”

I nodded.  “Unless he’s gone blind in the last 24 hours.”

She grinned and hopped on her toes.  “It’s finally happening, Hayley.  We’re moving out of freaks and geeksville, and settling in very nicely into popular town.”

I smiled politely.  I wasn’t sure if I was all that happy about leaving geeksville.  It was a pretty easy place to like.  In geeksville, all I had to know was the quadratic formula to fit in.  In popular town, I had to wear boots that were killing my feet.

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