Defining a Book – Lost Days

First things first.  I started a Lost Days group on Facebook.  You are invited to join.  I will be doing another drawing for a cool prize, and you will have to be part of the Facebook group to be eligible to win. 

Click here to join the Lost Days Facebook Group!

Click here to join the Lost Days Facebook Group!

Second things second (hey, it has just as much right to be a phrase as “First things first”). Part of selling a book is defining a book.  I think any writer will tell you that one of the worst things they have to do is write a synopsis of their book.  We authors have plots, sub-plots, main characters, secondary characters, etc., rolling around in our heads and there is a tendancy to want to include every shred of story in our short description.  It can’t be done.  It mustn’t be done.  I cheated this time around and got a professional editor/reviewer to write the description for me for Lost Days.  Here she blows:

While snooping in their Granddaddy Hank’s garage one afternoon, Hayley Wilkins’s little brother Grover discovers a decades-old newspaper clipping. It details the tragic death of their grandfather’s first wife when the car she was driving careened off an icy mountain road in Lake Roosevelt, Washington. Yet when her body was discovered, something was missing: her four-year-old son, Crew. Searchers could find no trace of the boy and gave him up for dead…until the toddler was discovered in the woods, alive and well, fourteen months later. 

Since then, everyone has considered Crew to be a bit “touched” in the head. Hayley thinks he’s downright crazy―and not in the fun way. And for a teenager trying to fit in, being related to such a nut isn’t doing her social life any favors. Nonetheless, she can’t help but be fascinated by her uncle and intrigued by the mystery of his past. How could a little boy survive for an entire year in the woods? Someone must have taken care of him, but who? The more time she spends with Crew, the more Hayley realizes he’s tormented by those long-lost days. Determined to ferret out the truth, she launches an investigation into the heart of a forty-year-old mystery. As she digs for clues, Hayley forms a tentative friendship with her crusty uncle and comes face-to-face with a legendary creature whose mere existence has long been the source of fevered debate. 

Led by a precocious young heroine and packed with quirky characters, family drama, and more than one very scary monster, Lost Days is an endearing and surprisingly relatable coming-of-age story about the strength of family. More importantly, this intriguing young-adult novel suggests that being different may not be so bad after all.

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