Lost Days – Post 32 (Join Facebook group for a chance to win a laptop computer!)

This is the 32nd installment of my new book Lost Days.  Here’s the one sentence description:

When Hayley learns her crazy uncle vanished for more than a year when he was a child, the intrepid teen sets out to solve the mystery of his lost days, unmasking a legendary creature in the process.

I’ve created a Facebook Lost Days group.  Join the group and keep updated on a drawing I’ll have when the book is released.  The prize will be a laptop computer. 

I saw Owen outside my second period class, and pulled him to the side.  “What is Joyner’s first name?” I asked.

He mulled over the question.  “T.J.,” he said.

“His first name isn’t T.J.  Those are his initials.  What’s his first name?”  The frantic timbre of my voice was coming off as angry.

Owen became defensive.  “I’m not the one in love with him.  What do I care what his first name is?”

I bit my lip and then broke my promise to Uncle Crew.  “Three guys broke into my uncle’s room last night.  I heard one of them say something about somebody named Teddy?”

“You heard them?” Owen said.

“It’s a long story.”  I leaned against a row of lockers.  “I told Joyner that Uncle Crew was a Bigfoot researcher yesterday.  One of the guys who broke into Uncle Crew’s room said ‘Teddy was right. This nut job is into Bigfoot.’”

I thought I detected a faint smile on Owen’s face.  “Wait a minute… you think the guys who broke into your uncle’s room know Joyner… T.J. Joyner… Teddy Joyner.”

“If that’s his name,” I said.  “What else am I supposed to think?”  I thought of the implications.  “Oh my god, what if Joyner sent them there?”

He smirked.  “Why would Joyner send three guys to your uncle’s place?”

“To find the camera,” I said without thinking. 

“What camera?”

I placed my hand over my mouth.  “What camera?” I asked because I didn’t know how else to respond.

“That’s what I asked,” Owen said. 

The bell rang, and I immediately backed away.  “Gotta go.”

He looked at me suspiciously.  “If I find out what the ‘T’ stands for in T.J. Joyner, you have to tell me about the camera.”

“I’ll just ask Joyner,” I said confidently.

“No,” he snapped.  “If he is Teddy, and he did send three guys to your uncle’s, then I don’t want him thinking you’re on to him.”

“You don’t want?” I asked. 

He fumbled over his words.  “I… you know… It just isn’t a good idea.  Let me find out.”

I reluctantly nodded and then disappeared into my second period class.

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