Genius, thy name is Peyton Manning.

The Genius!

At the risk of jinxing the guy, I have to say that I’ve been watching football for a couple of decades now, and I have never  before seen anyone master the position of quarterback like Peyton Manning.  I’ve always known he was good, elite even, but this is the first year I’ve thought he may actually be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.  I know.  I know.  There are quarterbacks with more yards and more championships and greater athleticism.  I get it.  I’ve seen a lot of them play to.  Joe Montana was a gutsy player that won championships.  Terry Bradshaw was a gator fed Louisiana boy that could sling the ball a country mile.  John Elway (my favorite) had an arm and the uncanny ability to scramble his way into big plays.  Marino was the best pure passer that ever lived, and yes, Tom Brady is up there to.  The guy wins.  You can’t take that away from him.

But Manning isn’t just winning.  He isn’t just piling up the yards.  He isn’t just collecting touchdowns like stamps.  He’s dictating the tempo and pace of the game all by himself.  To all intents and purposes, he is the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts.  How good is Manning?  He made Belichick go for one of the most ill-advised 4th downs I have ever seen.  Why?  Because he was so afraid of giving the ball back to Manning, he made the decision he had nothing to lose by trying to get the first down.  Teams aren’t just making defensive calls to try and stop Manning.  They’re making offensive calls to try and keep the ball out his hands. 

This past Sunday Houston had a 17 point lead on the Colts, and I promise there wasn’t a person watching that game who thought that was a big enough lead to beat Manning, not even the Texans.  Everyone knew that he would make up the deficit.  The question was how many receivers he would use to get there, and how many touchdowns he would actually beat them by. 

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I’m back, and I brought a new book trailer with me!

My last day of vacation is here, and I can’t tell you how much that sucks.  I had to find a reason to celebrate, so I made me one of them there book trailers for my new book Lost Days.  Here it is.  Let me know if you like it.  Don’t let me know if you hate it.  I’ve got enough insecurities. 

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Lost Days has officially launched!

We have lift off... of my new book, Lost Days!

The official launch is underway.  The “BUY” button has been activated and you are free to buy the book from Amazon!  Here’s the extended description of the book:


While snooping in their Granddaddy Hank’s garage one afternoon, Hayley Wilkes’ little brother Grover discovers a decades-old newspaper clipping. It details the tragic death of their grandfather’s first wife when the car she was driving careened off an icy mountain road in Lake Roosevelt, Washington. Yet when her body was discovered, something was missing: her four-year-old son, Crew. Searchers could find no trace of the boy and gave him up for dead…until the toddler was discovered in the woods, alive and well, fourteen months later.

 Since then, everyone has considered Crew to be a bit “touched” in the head. Hayley thinks he’s downright crazy―and not in the fun way. And for a teenager trying to fit in, being related to such a nut isn’t doing her social life any favors. Nonetheless, she can’t help but be fascinated by her uncle and intrigued by the mystery of his past. How could a little boy survive for an entire year in the woods? Someone must have taken care of him, but who? The more time she spends with Crew, the more Hayley realizes he’s tormented by those long-lost days. Determined to ferret out the truth, she launches an investigation into the heart of a forty-year-old mystery. As she digs for clues, Hayley forms a tentative friendship with her crusty uncle and comes face-to-face with a legendary creature whose mere existence has long been the source of fevered debate.

 Led by a precocious young heroine and packed with quirky characters, family drama, and more than one very scary monster, Lost Days is an endearing and surprisingly relatable coming-of-age story about the strength of family. More importantly, this intriguing young-adult novel suggests that being different may not be so bad after all.

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Bad Review Monday (Reprint)

One bad review don't spoil the whole bunch, now!



(Originally posted on June 5, 2008) I  just popped on over to Amazon and noticed I got a new review for The Pure. I was excited to see that it is a one star review. I haven’t gotten one yet, and I wondered how I would react. I’m actually very encouraged by the review. The review didn’t just “not like” The Pure. She hated it. She was offended by it. She wants to burn my books because they so corrupted her children. I have never felt more honored. Some uncorrected pre-publication editions made it out into the public bins, so I was afraid of seeing some negative reviews in regards to that, but this is actually a cool negative review. I’ve struck a nerve! Here’s the review:

Terrible………My teen boys love to read so I am always looking for a good series. I typed in teen fiction and this series popped so I bought all of them. After they were almost done with the series, I asked them what it was about. By the time their description was over I felt like I wanted to throw up. What had I subjected them to? I couldn’t believe the gore details they described. Sure that I had not subjected my Sons to this type of disgusting reading, I had them read aloud. I made them stop and took the books away. I cannot believe that these were in the teen section. Gross, Gore, Evil, Blood, Guts……….I’m so full of regret that I had ever bought these. The series should not be listed anywhere near teens. In fact, it should be labelled with a parental advisory. I think I’ll burn the books. I will use much more discretion with my selections from now on!

In case you’re wondering, the Oz Chronicles is about the power of forgiveness. There is a lot of gore and blood and guts and good old fashion creepy crap. I wrote what I like, and what I feel is engaging. This mother apparently did not agree with my storytelling technique. She has the right to raise her children as she sees fit and in the spirit of the message of the book, I won’t hold her opinion against her.

But I have to tell you, when someone wants to burn your book because of the nature of the content… well, you couldn’t ask for better publicity. I hope she spreads the word.

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Where are the sample pages of Book Four of the Oz Chronicles?

I made an announcement a few weeks ago that my new book, Lost Days, would include the first three chapters of The Land of the Dead; Book Four of the Oz Chronicles.  Some of you who downloaded the free PDF of Lost Days may have been wondering where the sample chapters were. I devilishly only included them with the paperback version.  I’m sneaky like that.  I just felt it was only fair to give the people who pay for the book a little something extra.  If you don’t care about the Book Four sample pages , you can download the PDF here: Lost Days – Free PDF Version

If you want the sample pages, you can purchase the book here: Lost Days Paperback Version (only $8.99)

This cat just loves a man in uniform!

The best part of this video is how cool and unaffected the stays through the entire “mauling.”  BTW – I realize I missed “Freaky Search Friday.”  Things were crazy with the book release.  I may do a special edition tomorrow.

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