Tiger Woods’ business is none of my business.

Maybe if they would have cheated on their families and wrecked their cars, the media would care that they were going off to fight in a war!

I had a passing interest in the Tiger Woods story when it first broke, but now I feel kind of dirty and ashamed every time I read a headline or see a promo promising salacious details. It’s disgusting that the media is showing so much interest in a matter that has basically destroyed a young family. It’s a private matter, and the media should leave them alone. I’ve believed for a long time that demand doesn’t drive what the media covers. The media creates demand. President Obama is sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. That’s what we should be talking about. Tiger getting his jollies from a string of twenty year old hostesses really doesn’t matter a bit. But it’s easier to cover the Tiger story. Sending young men and women to fight in a war is complicated. There are a lot of nuances and details and travel and too many names with too many consonants… Brilliant golfer sleep with pretty girl, wife sad, kids caught in middle, me camp out in front of house and ask how they feel! C’mon! Cover something that matters, you news-o-phytes. Stop turning your news organizations into launching pads for reality TV bozos. That is all.

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