Freaky Search Friday – December 4, 2009

I give you clown badman... I mean zombie tattoo face... or is that Willem Defoe?

Freaky Search Friday is back. HEY-HO-HEY-HO-HEY-HO, We were on a brief break due to the holidays, but the freaks didn’t go anywhere.  They were out there tapping unusual words and phrases into their favorite search engine, waiting to be led to a website that would satisfy their morbid curiosity.  Instead, they wound up here where they probably felt ridiculed and judged.   Just because I call you freaks doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  Me blog es su blog!

bad gorillas – How do you discipline a 400 pound gorilla?  No, seriously.  I really want to know.  My gorilla’s be acting up lately.

man tattoos – Gender assigned tattoos? 

3300 pound stingray video – That is a huge video. 

clown badman – If you ignore the spelling, this may be the greatest oxymoron ever to appear anywhere. 

zombie tattoo face – What a great name for a rock band.  Ladies and gentleman, Zombie Face Tattoo! 

who’s as good a writer as suzanne Collin – There are few writer’s as good as Suzanne Collin’s.  She’s one of a kind, but since you here, you might as well check out my books. 

willem defoe ugly – Now that is uncalled for.  Sure, I’ve called him less than attractive before, but it’s endearing when I say it.  You’re just a jerk.

don’t sell me anything – Okay, don’t perform voluntary surgery on me or give me a haircut or shave my back…. Well, how much to shave my back?

cat wig book – Let me get this straight.  Cat’s wear wigs, and there’s a book about it.  And to think, I thought all they did was throw up every 15 minutes for no apparent reason. 

And the number 1 freakiest search term used to find my blog is:

 picture of gorilla ass – This has appeared on the list before, and sadly versions of the search came up a couple of times this week.  Guys, I like gorillas a lot, but this kind of thing is wrong.  Way wrong.  It couldn’t be wronger.  Stop it.  Stick to your own primate species. 

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