Thank you!

Readers everywhere!

I’ve been doing what they call “gratitude work” over the last couple of days now.  Simply put, I just try to spend a few minutes every day being thankful for everything I have.  I learned it a number of years ago in the Unity Church.  The idea is the universe will give you more of the stuff you thank it for.  “Like attracts like,” and all that.  Anyway, I realized I’ve never actually thanked my readers, the people who’ve spent money to buy my books and time to read them.  To you I say, I am truly grateful.  I’ve included you in my daily gratitude work.

To those of you who are surprised that a guy who writes apocalyptic books with blood, guts and gore does gratitude work, I’m an enigma wrapped in a mystery dipped in cosmic chocolate sauce.  Seriously, apocalypse really just means an awakening.   My characters just have to go through monsters and bad guys to get to their awakening. 

That’s deep enough for today.  As they say in here in the south, “Have a good’un.”

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2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Thank you, too! The books are wonderful, and a great diversion from mandatory doctoral exam reading.

    We (and I’m speaking both royally and generally) appreciate you!

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