Did I make Bigfoot too violent?

I contacted someone I consider to be a well-respected member of the Bigfoot community last week about Lost Days. I’ll withhold his name out of respect for him. I sent him a link to the video book trailer (see below) and description of the book. He was kind enough to respond, but only to voice his concerns. It seems he thinks I’ve made Bigfoot too violent. His research indicates a shy and gentle creature.

He’s entitled to his opinion, of course, but I beg to differ. I didn’t make Bigfoot a violent creature. I gave the big ape the typical characteristics you would find in any known primate. If we are to assume Bigfoot is real, we have to assume that it is an animal that displays the same survival instincts that all animals demonstrate in the wild. When threatened, it will respond violently. That by no means makes it a violent animal. That makes it an animal behaving as nature intended. It wouldn’t have been realistic for me to have presented Bigfoot otherwise. Granted the title for the video is sensationalistic, to say the least, but it is accurate. Bigfoot does attack someone in my book just as any wild animal would.

Just wanted to get my thoughts out there on this particular subject. The truth is we don’t know how Bigfoot would respond if threatened because there’s no credible evidence that one as ever been threatened.
That is all.

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