Could the Buffalo Bills be moving to Los Angeles?

Meet the LA Tabbys! Meow!

Majestic Reality is planning on building a professional football stadium in Los Angeles.  And what team will call that stadium home?  They have a wish list of teams that they want to bring to the city of angels, and they don’t just want to bring one team.  They want to bring in two teams, at the top of their list – the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  What?    

I’m not a Buffalo fan, but let me say this as plainly as possible.  Majestic Reality, hands off Buffalo. Jacksonville you can have.  The city doesn’t seem to particularly care that they have a football team.  Take ‘em.  Change their names to the Los Angeles Pumas or Mountain Lions or Tabby Cats for all I care, but you cannot have the Bills.  I forbid it. They are a staple of that city.  Their fans brave frostbite and pneumonia to support their team.  They deserve to be an NFL city.  Buffaloites alone!

That is all. Here’s a link to the company that’s planning building the football stadium in LA: The Los Angeles Stadium

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One thought on “Could the Buffalo Bills be moving to Los Angeles?

  1. SRSLY!!!!

    Having lived in Buffalo through High School & some college, I second that emotion! Stay away from my Bills! I’m not even a football fan and I love the Bills!


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