Good-bye, Lane Kiffin! You never looked that good in orange anyway.

The man I want as the next Tennessee Volunteers Head Football Coach, Chris Petersen!

Wow!  Lane Kiffin gave his all for 14 whole months at the University of Tennessee.  Can someone give him a medal?  Call the Nobel Prize committee?  Wait… is it too late to make him man of the decade in the entire universe?  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but maybe Al Davis was right about this guy when he basically called him a con artist.  At the very least, he’s what the cool kids might call an opportunist (Okay, so I don’t know what cool kids say these days).   

Rather than take a look at the plethora of minor NCAA violations he committed last year as a coach, let’s just look at how he coached.  Against Florida (A team he boldly predicted Tennessee would beat), he displayed some of the worst clock management skills I’ve seen in a long time.  Down by 10 late in the fourth quarter, he played as if he was trying to run out the clock instead of trying to score quickly.  He needed two scores, (unless he had a top secret method of getting 10 points for a touchdown and extra point) and he played like he had a lead.  Urban Meyer even commented that Kiffin didn’t seem to want to win the game. 

Against Alabama with a chance to win, he elects to run down the clock and try for a long field goal to win the game.  A great strategy if your kicker hadn’t missed two field goals earlier from shorter distances. The kick was easily blocked.  The worst part was they had 30 or so seconds left on the clock before Kiffin decided to let the clock run. 

Against a team (UCLA) from the conference he supposedly knows so well (PAC 10), he couldn’t manage to score from the 2 yard line in Neyland Stadium.

Kiffin is not a very good coach.  Not yet anyway.  Maybe he will be one day, but right now he is not deserving of a head coaching position in the top division in college football.  I know he’s supposed to be a recruiting wunderkind, but a stable of great players without a guy that can get them to play at their highest level is useless. Add the fact that he isn’t able to make good coaching decisions during a game when it counts and you’re stuck with a guy who is an unproven assistant coach at best.     

All that being said, is there any way Monte Kiffin can stay at Tennessee?  Now that guy can coach!  As far as who really should be Tennessee’s next football coach, I know the popular choice right now is the defensive coordinator for Texas, Mushcamp, but he’s a Georgia guy, and as soon as that position opens up, he’ll be gone in a heartbeat.  I say the Vols go after Chris Peteresen at Boise State.  He gets good players, and he can coach the hell out of some football.

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