Did a film crew shooting an IMAX movie catch Bigfoot on film?

The Internet chatter is in high gear over speculation that an IMAX movie, Great North, may have captured the elusive Bigfoot on film.  That wasn’t their goal.  The movie is about the Inuit people and their land, but at the 9:21 mark in the film you can clearly see a black blob running across a crevice while some caribou move across the landscape.  A black blob on film is Bigfoot’s signature move so naturally a lot of people thought it was the big guy himself.   Here’s the film.

Interesting, no?  Honestly, the first thing I thought is it was a member of the crew.  But many people really thought it could be Sasquatch.  I got tired of all the speculation and looked up the film company that shot Great North. They conveniently had an email address on their website, so I sent them an email asking if they caught Bigfoot on film.  Here’s the response I got from Daniel White with Big Films, Inc. 

You are correct in assuming that the shot is of a crew member. Several worked in the field positioning themselves in places that would “encourage” the animals to avoid the human form and move in a specified direction, thereby facilitating a shot.  There is no ground cover in the area so it would have been difficult for 30 trained crew members to miss a giant sasquatch, especially the one who the big foot would have bumped into during this shot. I have spoken with the camera crew and this is what they have told me. Too bad we didn’t get a shot of Big Foot – that would have increased our box office dramatically!

I know.  It’s disappointing.  We all want to see Bigfoot on film somewhere, but unfortunately this isn’t that film.  I can still recommend the movie.  It’s beautifully shot.

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2 thoughts on “Did a film crew shooting an IMAX movie catch Bigfoot on film?

  1. Thanks for the research on that, Richard.


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