Top 10 Things I can’t Remember

  • That thingy… you know… it’s long and you can hold it…
  • The plastic knob looking thing that goes on the whatsit.
  • It happened in 1970 or 1971 or 1983 even, and that guy with hair and blue jeans was there.
  • The name of that Gilligan’s Island episode where Gilligan screws up and Skipper gets mad.
  • How you make those cookie/cake/muffin things that you bake in an oven… has sugar and flour in it.
  • That girl I saw with reddish, black or blonde hair.  She’s about medium height.  I think she had fingernails.
  • That actor in that movie with the bad guy.  He was on TV talking about the movie on that morning show where they have that guy and that girl and some weather guy.
  • It looks like a potato, but it’s not a potato.  You can eat it raw, but it tastes like sand.
  • That thing my wife wanted me to pick up at the store.
  • The blog post I was actually going to write today.       

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