Did I capture a ghost on tape?

I was editing a video update on Land of the Dead; Book Four of the Oz Chronicles when I noticed a strange noise or voice or whatever you want to call it. To me, it actually sounds like it’s saying words, but I may be going nuts because of the bizarre things I’ve uncovered doing some research for the book. I leave it up to you, and yes I know this sounds crazy. It is what it is.

I’ll explain more about the significance of the “Nine Days” reference when I have more time to digest this.

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3 thoughts on “Did I capture a ghost on tape?

  1. It could be true. My old house was haunted.

  2. OMG Richard, I totally heard it, too. I’m freakin’ out!


  3. Humm wierd Richard, i could kinda make it out.

    I have heard, just from watching shows about spirits and what not, that this sometimes happens to people when they are doing work which involves talking or writing about pass events, or spirts. I guess it draws the spirts attention, or something when they are being talked about or recieving attention. Is why the say playing with ouji boards or w/e can sometimes draw unwanted guests. wierd is all i can say..

    Id be scared shitless if i had that happen, never seen a spirit or even really considered that that are real, not a believer really, but i also have no reason not to believe also. Very strange.

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