Ghost Knocking?

I attempt to explain why I got so freaked out by the EVP in the first video.  I’m not willing to accept that it was an EVP, BTW.   In this video you’ll hear a strange knocking at the end.  I’m pretty sure the knocking was just my dog jumping up against the door. Still a little freaky because of the timing. The “black cloud?” A very rational friend pointed out that it looked like a bug crawling on the camera lens. I’m willing to accept that because if it’s… the alternative, I won’t be able to go back in the office.


BTW – The logical explanation is that this was a lame marketing video I was doing at the time. It’s not real. Hope I didn’t mislead you anyway. I was just having some fun.

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2 thoughts on “Ghost Knocking?

  1. I have a theory: I think all the digging up and researching you’re doing has piqued this Albert Flish guy’s interest. You heard “Nine Days” in the “EVP” and then when you repeatedly said “Nine Days” the knocking occurred. Albert’s ghost is with you. Keep documenting this. Hire TIPS!

  2. Wow! I got chills!!

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