Lone Nut Looking for that First Follower

I stumbled across this video yesterday, and I have to say its message has had a profound effect on me.  While I don’t consider myself a leader, I am trying to start a movement.  Most authors are.  Granted, it’s a commercial movement.  One in which I can sell books, but it’s a movement just the same.   I am that lone nut… kind of.  I am in a weird nebulous space where I have some very dedicated followers (and I only use that term as it applies to the message of the video.  I don’t consider them followers.  In a very virtual Web 2.0 way, I consider them friends).  At any rate, I am the shirtless dancing guy.  My problem is that I don’t think I’m committed as he is.  What’ve I learned is that I need to be much bolder.  I have been playing it safe to a certain degree, and that hasn’t created enough of a spark.  I need to get shirtless and dance like an idiot in blue jean shorts… you realize I mean that figuratively, right?

How will that manifest itself exactly?  I’ll have news on that in the coming weeks, but I’m gearing up for a bit of a lifestyle change.  Stay tuned.

*** This video presentation was put together by Derek Sivers.

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