I’m declaring multitasking dead while I bake cookies, read the mail, write a chapter of my new book, walk the dog…

Flush the concept of multitasking!

Can we please finally admit that the great multitasking experiment of the computer age is a magnificent failure?  I’m talking about humans who try to multitask, not evil computing machines.  It doesn’t work.  One task distracts you from another, and you end up doing all tasks inefficiently with mediocre results.   I’m sure we will be able to track the acceleration problem that Toyota is dealing with right now back to a lowly employee who was trying to do five things at once.

Employers stop asking your employees to multitask.  You’re hurting their brains and causing them to do a crappy job.  You’re effectively frustrating them to the point where they struggle to care about quality.  Instead, let me introduce you to a new concept, hypertasking.

Hypertasking is simple.  Complete one element of a task before you even considering moving on to the next element of a task.  Chunk it down instead of clunking it up.  Give your employees the gift of focus.  It will change their outlook on their jobs, and they will actually feel as if they’ve accomplished something.

I am declaring multitasking dead, dead, dead!

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