I think I’m getting blamed for my dog’s snoring!

The Sleeping Menace!

My wife has had a long standing complaint that I snore, and there is no doubt that at times, I do indeed snore.  But I think I am being wrongly accused of snoring in some instances.  Case in point: We were lying in bed the other night, and she yelled said “Honey, you’re snoring!”  To which I growled replied, “I’m awake! How can I be snoring?”  From what I know about snoring, sleep is a major component of the affliction.

This morning.  My dog’s snoring woke me up.  It occurred to me that the dog was sleeping under the bed, beneath my wife the night she accused me of snoring.  So, I am left with a few possibilities.

  • I am sleeping and remaining completely aware of my surroundings, but I am still unable to hear myself snore.
  • The dog is setting me up, so I will get kicked out the bed, and she’ll have a comfortable place to sleep.
  • My wife is setting me up, so she can kick me out of the bed, and let the dog have a comfortable place to sleep.
  • I snore.  The dog snores.  My wife is sleeping in a snorng hell.

I think it’s obvious.  The dog is totally setting me up.

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8 thoughts on “I think I’m getting blamed for my dog’s snoring!

  1. OMG! I cannot believe you are “taking this to the street.” No more Mrs. Nice Guy. You were definitely snoring. First of all, no one needs to get kicked out of bed in order for Chloe to have enough room. We are such crazy pet parents that we got a king size bed so she could comfortably sleep with us. (Can you believe I just admitted that?)

    Secondly, I have never been awakened by Miss Chloe’s snoring. It’s cute.

    Thirdly, it’s very possible that you are setting yourself up because you actually want to sleep in the living room. You just don’t want to admit that you love the t.v. and the recliner more than sleeping next to your wife. Ooooh, them’s fightin’ words, ain’t they?

  2. *snort* I’m siding my Mia on the snoring. My husband snores like a chainsaw, and I say, “Honey, turn over! You’re snoring right in my ear!” I have to say it about 12 times, getting louder and louder “Do you want your wife to have to sleep on the couch?”, before he says….. “How can I be snoring when I am awake?!”
    A weird sleep thing, or weird man thing, I don’t know which.

    [Funny too….because next day he’ll say he was awake aaallllll night with insomnia, yet there I was kept awake with his snoring for 5 hours. What’s that about?

    • I think it’s a weird man thing. The dog never accuses me of mistaking some other noise for her snoring. She owns up to it.

      • yup. And they can’t blame the dog because dog snoring is soft and snuffly. When my dog snores under my desk during the day, I actually find myself drifting off with her 🙂

  3. Yes, I too feel as I have insomnia. How can we be awake and snoring?

  4. Hmmm. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Or, more to the point, are you kidding me? You are not awake. Didn’t you read Danielle’s post?

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