Crap! You’re going to make me defend Tim Tebow, aren’t you?

Look what you made me do! You made me put a Florida Gator on my blog! Cruel, cruel people!

I am no Tim Tebow fan.  In fact, I don’t like the guy, but I don’t like him because I’m a Tennessee fan, and my Vols could never beat him in his four years at Florida.  I respect him.  The kid can play football.  The kid can play quarterback.  He’s a leader with tremendous athletic ability.  He’s smart.  He’s the type of quarterback that can put the team on his back and will them to victory.  And this isn’t just hyperbole.  His stats back it up.

  • 9,285 Career Passing Yards
  • 88 Career TDs
  • 16 Career Interceptions
  • 66% Career Completion Percentage
  • 2,947 Career Rushing Yards
  • 57 Career Rushing TDs
  • 2 SEC Championships
  • 2 National Championships
  • 1 Heisman Trophy

Keep in mind, he did this while playing in the SEC East.  The guy put up Play Station type numbers in the toughest conference in college football.  I’m tired of hearing the pundits and experts saying he’s not going to make it in the NFL.  He’s got bad mechanics.  He’s awkward under center.  He made bad decisions in the Senior Bowl.

1.) Bad mechanics?  Have you ever seen old film of Bernie Kosar play?  He threw sidearm.  His mechanics were unbelievably bad and he threw for over 23,000 yards in his NFL career.  He actually made the Cleveland Browns a decent team.  Eli Manning’s throwing mechanics are suspect, but he’s a former Super Bowl MVP.  This mechanics business is a lot of overblown nonsense.

2.) He’s awkward under center?  Are you kidding me?  Seriously?  Gee, I wonder if there’s some magical way you can… I don’t know… do it in non-game situations and … you know, practice how to take a snap from under center.  Maybe someday they’ll invent this… practice and he can learn how to lineup under center.  Give me a break.

3.) He made bad decisions in the Senior Bowl?  You mean that game where he worked with his receivers for part of one week.  That game where his performance in practice was actually the lead story in a lot of sports casts.  By all means, let’s forget about the 88 TDs against only 16 interceptions he had in four years at the University of Florida.

Tim Tebow is a “legendary” college quarterback.  I don’t believe for a second that he can’t excel at the professional level.  If he drops to the third round, some team is getting a bargain.  Not only does he have the skills to make it, now he’s got incentive to prove everyone wrong. And even though I’m not a Tim Tebow fan now, I will be rooting for him in the NFL.  I will not be doing the Gator chomp, however.

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