Scarface… the School Play – Fake Video(?) Reveals Your Average Youtube Commenter Has Serious Issues.

What’s the perfect age to teach our children about illegal drug trafficking, gun play, pseudo foul language, and dysfunctional communication skills?  Well, if you were to ask me 10 minutes ago, I would have said that the age of… never works for me, but that was before I saw Scarface the School Play on Youtube.  By the looks of it, seven seems to be the ideal age to introduce your kids to socially unacceptable and criminal behavior.

Now, I suspect the video is a fake.  I can’t believe that a school actually sanctioned the production of this play.  The Youtube member who uploaded the video calls herself cindymomof6. She joined on March 26, 2010.  She’s “favorited” a few Christian music videos.   Her favorite movie is a The Passion of the Christ. Her favorite book is Sarah Palin “Going Rogue.”

It’s just all too perfectly flawed to be real.  I smell a big fat phony, so I’m not as disturbed by the video as I am by the comments.  People are buying it and they love it.  If the people who leave comments on Youtube are an accurate representation of our society, we should all be afraid, very afraid.

I post the video here only so you can see what I’m talking about.  I’m relatively certain it’s a fake so save your outrage.  If you want to really be outraged, click on the video and read the comments.

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