Update on Future Books

Little Known Fact - I played "Happy Zombie #3" in Romero's Land of the Dead!

I’ve seen a lot of searches for Land of the Dead, and I know I promised February/March.  I’m moving that to April/May.  I know. I know.  This is looking like Axl Rose and the whole China album situation, but this isn’t a temperamental artist thing.  This is “my day job got in the way” thing.  Got rid of the day job.  No more excuses.  This book contains a real life “monster” from our country’s history, so there is a lot more research on my end, and then fitting that history into Oz’s struggle to save the Storytellers!  BTW – I’m changing the title to “The Dead” because the great George Romero has a movie titled “The Land of the Dead” and I don’t want to tread on the master’s toes. Plus, my dead aren’t zombies, and I just feel like it confuses things a bit.  John Houston’s last film was titled “The Dead,” and it was based on a short story by James Joyce with the same title, but I was once assigned to read Ulysses by Joyce in college, and I’m still pissed about that, so “The Dead” it is.

On a similar note, I’ve decided to keep the title for the series.  The Oz Chronicles will remain.

I’m working on about 3 other books, too.  None of them are Oz Chronicles books.  One is another end of the world scenario.  One touches on metaphysical issues, and the other is a nonfiction book about personal branding.

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