Total Books Published Last Year Up 87%!!

Holy publishing excess, Batman, there were over 1 million books published in 2009.  That’s compared to 560,000 published in 2008.  In the words of Socrates, “Whoa!  That’s a lot of books.”  What’s even more remarkable is that there were about 412,000 published in 2007.  Why the dramatic jumps? The self-publishing market is booming.  Of the 1 million plus books published last year, 764,448 came from self-publishing companies and micro-niche publishing companies.  My old company CreateSpace led the way amongst the POD companies with 21,819 books published.

These are very interesting numbers that means there is a lot more product out there for people to choose from.  Less and less of it is coming from traditional publishers, too.  They produced fewer books than the year before.  What does this mean for authors?  You’re going to have to work even harder to get noticed in the marketplace.  And not just self-published authors.  You traditionally published authors are going to have to deal with the crowd, as well.  If you ain’t doing the web 2.0 thing, get on it now and start building that personal brand.  The trend is not slowing down anytime soon.  Next year there will be even more books published.  The longer you wait.  The harder it’s going to get.

Click on over to Publishers Weekly to get more details on these incredible numbers: Self-Published Titles Topped 764,000 in 2009 as Traditional Output Dipped

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