Why I Don’t Like Politics

Pucker Up!

Am I reading too much into this ad?  It appears to me that Marco Rubio (I honestly don’t know if he’s Republican, Democrat or other – I don’t live in Florida, so I don’t keep up with the political landscape in the Sunshine state) is subtly playing up the rumors that Charlie Crist is gay (according to documentary on HBO I saw) with this picture of what appears to be the POTUS and the Florida Governor about to engage in a kiss.  At the very least, it certainly looks to be an intimate moment between the two.

My instinct is to wag my finger at Rubio, and publicly shame him for not having the intelligence to make it about the issues.  The whole ad just seems very, very wrong to me.  It reeks of bad taste.  I know it’s supposed to be about Crist leaving the Republican party and becoming an Independent, but it just feels like Rubio is saying much, much more like, “Remember, people think this guy is gay, which probably means he’s totally hot for Obama!”

Maybe it’s just me!

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